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The Divine Legacy

The Founder Years: one
The A Generation: one : two : three : four
The B Generation: one : two
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The Lawson Legacy (discontinued)

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Generation 1: one : two : three
Generation 2: one : two : three
Generation 3: one : two
Generation 4: one : two
Generation 5: one : two : three : four : five : six
Generation 6: one : two : three : four : five : six
Generation 7: one : two : three : four : five : six : seven
Generation 8: one : two : three : four : five
Generation 9: one
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Divine: Apollo

The Divine Legacy: A.4

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Last time, Apollo, Ares and Adonis began their university career. Ares and Adonis each met a nice boy to fall in love with, and Apollo met several nice men to be blasé about. We left them on the Cliff-hanger (heh) of Ares taking his boyfriend out to dinner with the intention of proposing.

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Divine: Deus

The Divine Legacy: A.1

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In the first Divine Legacy update, we saw Deus Divine struggle to gather enough enthusiasm to find himself a husband, although he was a dab hand at lounging about in public places. He eventually decided to settle down with a fellow family sim, Gordon, and the update ended with the typical legacy cliffhanger of Gordon going into labour.

And now… a baby!

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Divine: Deus

The Divine Legacy: The Founder Years


Long, long ago, I used to play a Sims 2 family called the Lawsons. Life intruded, and I left the Sims for years, only to be lured back recently due to tagging old Dreamwidth entries. It seemed like it wouldn't be quite the same, going back to the Lawsons after all this time, so I made the decision to leave them at the beginning of generation nine and move on to a new legacy.

Welcome to the Divine Legacy.

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