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The Lawson Legacy: Generation 0-1.1

First things first. I'm not playing strictly by the rules. I've never been one for scoring challenges, and I love my mods and refuse to let them go. Basically, I'm just trying to get to ten generations, to keep the Sims as happy as possible while I'm doing so and hopefully to avoid hideous offspring :)

To mix things up a little in comparison to the majority of Legacy challenges out there I've decided to make my first Legacy same-sex partnerships only. Flirting with the opposite gender is fine, but all Legacy children will have either two mummies or two daddies :D Obviously, if you have issues with that sort of content, you probably won't want to be reading past this paragraph!

I think it's only fair to warn that there will be a lot of alliteration in the updates to come. I shall be naming children according to their generation, to make keeping track of things a little easier. So generation two will have names beginning with B, generation three C and so on.

Anyway, on with the show :D

Meet Amelie Lawson. She's a family Sim with really bad posture, which makes her look constantly bored.

Neat: 5
Outgoing: 7
Active: 2
Playful: 7
Nice: 4

Her lifetime aspiration is to reach her golden anniversary, which means she had better find herself a wife – stat!

It's no wonder she's looking bored in the first shot. There isn't exactly a lot of fun to be had in her starter home.

This chap popped around to represent the Gardening Club. He was wasting his time, really, give the great expanse of grass that counts as Amelie's garden.

In townie-terms, he's not that hideous, so Amelie befriends him for the sake of any future offspring who might not be able to do any better for themselves.

The requisite three neighbours come to welcome Amelie to the neighbourhood. Um, not in my Legacy kthx.

To make up for the welcomers, this hottie decides to walk past Amelie's new house. Much better.

Amelie greets her but, sadly, they struggle when it comes to raising relationship points.

To make up for the disappointment, Amelie accepts Garden Club Man's invitation to head into town with him. There she spots another cute redhead on the dance floor. They hit it off, so she's marked down as a wifely possibility.

Back home, however, another neighbour catches my eye.

Unfortunately, when Amelie rushes out to greet her in her nightie, I realise that the height difference probably means the cute girl is only a teen. She's worth keeping friendly with, though, for the sake of future heirs.


The hatted redhead asks Amelie on a group outing, which is highly successful. Amelie doesn't fall for the redhead, but the redhead falls for her. Score one to Amelie!


Reason number 948753948 why it's foolish to let Sims choose their own partners. When I had Amelie scope the room whilst on the outing, this is the fellow she considered smoking hawt. No, Amelie. No.


Back home, I catch sight of the original cute redhead – Mary - walking past again. Amelie rushes back out to say hello.


This time around, she has more success.


Considerably more success ;)


That looks like a good sign...


Amelie and Mary were getting alone wonderfully, so when Amelie rolled the want to propose, I let her do so, and promptly arranged a marriage before her pregnancy started to show. She couldn't even look interested for her big day.


Mary moves in, and after the Maxis eyebrows are exchanged for better ones, she definitely looks like a positive addition to the Legacy. She also brought $11,000 with her, and is working as a Nurse.

Knowledge Sim
Neat: 2
Outgoing: 3
Active: 9
Playful: 7
Nice: 4


Amelie popped for the first time on arriving back from her honeymoon.


Thanks to Mary's imput, the Lawsons were able to add an extra two rooms onto their house. It's still far from exciting, but at least there's now room for all the baby stuff.


Pop number two! It was around now that I started worrying about the possibility of twins.


This cute chap wandered past, so Mary dashed out into the snow to greet him.
MARY: Hi! I'm claiming you as a prospective boyfriend for any sons I might have!


Amelie went into labour...


And the first possible gen-B heir was born. Benjamin has entirely his mother's colouring. Whether he turns out cute or not will be seen next update :)

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