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The Lawson Legacy: Generation 3.1


Hi, my name is Celeste Lawson – and this is my story. You might have read about how my grandmother began our family legacy, and how my father continued it. Our Sim!god has been telling our story up until now, but I thought it only fair that I should speak for myself. After all, I'm soon going to be the richest Sim in Legacy Town if I have anything to say about it!

The last time you saw me, I'd just headed off to college and been declared heir. Poor Claudius had been so certain that he was going to be the one to continue our legacy, but really. What did he expect with that ridiculous Lifetime Want to raise a million kittens and puppies? Boys, huh?

So anyway, there I was at my new dorm, full of optimism about the next four years and anxious to see whether one of my new dorm-mates would turn out to be the love of my life.


Of course, once my dormies actually started arriving, all of that youthful optimism was quickly crushed. Decent enough people, I'm sure, but no one I'd dream of hooking up with.


Just as I was starting to despair, this pretty girl walked by. She reminded me a little too much of Grandma Amelie's first wife, Mary, but I introduced myself anyway, just in case I didn't meet anyone else remotely attractive.


I decided to head to the uni gym to collect a couple of body points and check out the talent there. Um, don't mind the expression; I get a little carried away when I listen to music.


At the gym, I couldn't help but notice this girl. Her eyebrows needed a good plucking, and her haircut wasn't very flattering, but there was just something about her that caught my eye. Perhaps it was the combination of red hair and brown eyes – always a favourite of mine. I introduced myself to her and discovered that her name was Lucy Simpson.


Back at the dorm, I couldn't resist checking out my reflection to see whether the hours of working out had made any difference.


It only seemed fair that I use my own beauty talents to better the lives (and appearances) of my unfortunate collection of dormies. Most of the time, my efforts were a resounding success.


Sometimes, however, things went a little wrong...


After class one day, I decided to invite Lucy over for a chat. Spurred on by my dormie makeovers, I couldn't resist offering to give her a bit of beauty advice too.

To my surprise, after a quick makeover, Lucy was more than just pretty. She was gorgeous!


Later that evening, I had my very first kiss.


Life it the dorms could be a little strange at times. My dorm-mates were given to falling asleep in the kitchen. I don't want to know why this one was dreaming about my father.


I actually thought our cook was pretty hot, in a crusty old woman kind of way. Our Sim-god said no, however, and to be honest? I was perfectly happy with Lucy.


Don't get the wrong idea – I was studying. After the first couple of semesters, I got into an easy routine of completing my term paper at the beginning of each semester, leaving plenty of time for socialising!


I still loved my music too...


...although sometimes I'd drift so far into my own musical world that I wouldn't notice fugly men checking me out. Actually, that's probably a good thing.


Lucy became a regular visitor to my dorm, although sometimes I couldn't help but be distracted by the thought of my aspirations in life. I was happy, but there just wasn't much money to be made through studying.


Luckily, Lucy understood me and didn't mind when I'd interrupt a romantic conversation with talk of shares and the currency market. She was a beautiful person, both inside and out, and I was lucky to have her.


I couldn't say the same about my dorm-mates. If they weren't asleep on the kitchen floor, they were completely neglecting to shower and stinking up the entire dorm.


It wasn't long before Lucy's dreams of having a family of her own started to affect our relationship. She started hinting that we should get engaged, but I just wasn't ready for that sort of commitment.


I was ready for something else, though.


It made things just that little bit more special, knowing that Lucy and I were each other's firsts.


Occasionally, we'd head into town for a date, instead of just staying around the house. One time, we encountered the most horrible old woman, who battered Lucy with her handbag just because she and I had kissed.


Somehow, that just made Lucy even more loving towards me, though. One night, she left me a surprise gift after our date. I'm no expert on china, but I know expensive when I see it, and I was thrilled.


While I continued to get top marks every semester, there were times when I just didn't feel like doing my assignments. Luckily, it was pretty easy to influence our cook to do them for me. I guess she was a frustrated student at heart.


My dorm-mates didn't get any saner. This girl used to stand outside for hours, just staring up at our Sim-god and freezing.


She wasn't the worst offender, though. This one fell asleep on the side lawn and only woke up in time to starve to death.


Just as I was starting to feel ready to settle down with Lucy, something happened to make me question my future. The dead dormie's replacement arrived, and she was gorgeous.


A quick makeover only confirmed it. What's more, her blond hair and grey eyes would have been a wonderful addition to the legacy genetics. I tried talking to her, and even flirting a little... but my heart just wasn't in it.


I had to tell Lucy that my thoughts had wandered. She was shocked, but I reassured her that it was her I loved – dominant brown eyes and all.


We headed into town, to try to forget that anything had happened. Guess who I ran into! This fellow, who seems to be in all the other legacies. I wasn't interested, of course, but I kept him in mind for future sons.


Okay, so perhaps we did more at the club than just check out future partners for the children we might have...


Back at the dorm, my former dorm-mate had returned to haunt us. First ghost of the legacy, and it had to be a brainless dormie.


My time at college was drawing to a close, and there was something that I really needed to do. So I invited Lucy to join me at one of the nicest restaurants in town.


While we were waiting for our food, I pulled the ring I'd bought from my pocket and pushed it towards her, terrified that she might refuse.


She didn't, of course. I was engaged!


Soon afterwards, I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Sim State University.


There was no time for partying yet, though. First, I had to max out the last of my skills. I'm no knowledge Sim, but there's money to be made from being good at what you do!


All work and no play makes Celeste a dull girl, though, so I managed to squeeze in a quick graduation party before heading back to the family home.


Lucy graduated too.


You have to admit, I was still damn cute, even as a fully-fledged adult!


And then it was time to return home to the house I'd grown up in. It was strange to be back, but it wasn't long before I reaccustomed myself to the familiar surrounds – even if I did keep trying to sleep in my old single bed instead of the four-poster double bed that I'd earned as the third-generation heir.





It wouldn't be home without Lucy, though, so we had a small wedding in the back yard.


The gardener invited himself, but he was so enthusiastic about it that we didn't really mind.


Lucy brought a peculiar selection of objects to the family home. We kept most of them, but the napkins and sauces had to go! She also brought in $19,000 earned through her job as a Freelance Photographer in the Slacker career path, and a bronze badge in robotics.


Once she was out of the clothing she'd aged into, Lucy was still gorgeous. We decided that she was the one who'd have our children, as I was on the fast track in my first job, and Lucy wasn't that interested in a career.

Lucy Lawson
Aspiration: Family
LTW: Graduate 3 children from college
Neat – 6
Shy – 3
Active – 6
Serious – 4
Nice – 6
Turn Ons: Cologne and blond hair
Turn Off: Underwear


With the wedding over, we headed out into the garden. Vegetables don't care about things like love when they need to be weeded!


Daddy-Castor developed a bit of an obsession with Catterick, but apart from that, we were all doing just fine.


More than fine, really, because Lucy and I decided to start on a family right away.


Catterick really wasn't meant to sleep on the beds, but we never had the heart to tell him off for it when he looked so cute.


Lucy managed to get pregnant straight away. She had dreadful morning sickness during her first trimester, but on the whole, her pregnancy wasn't too hard.


When she finally began to show, we were both thrilled.


With the fourth generation of Lawsons on its way, it was time for my portrait to be painted. Grandma Amelie did so – always the artist of the family.


Daddy-Britannicus achieved his third Lifetime Want. We were all horribly impressed.


Our family seemed perfect, even if Catterick had a tendency to play dead at the most inopportune moments.


Of course, happiness never lasts. While Lucy was still pregnant, Grandma Amelie reached the end of her long life. Grandma Abbey and I rushed out to the garden, but there was only time for a quick goodbye before she was gone.


She was buried in the family graveyard, next to her first wife, Mary.


Aunt Bethany called later that night. Daddy-Castor was the one who had to break the dreadful news.


As though she sensed the sadness in our household, Mary made an appearance that night. As a ghost, she was as calm as I remembered her from my childhood.


Although we continued to mourn Grandma Amelie, we couldn't allow her death to take over our lives, not with Lucy growing bigger by the day.


And I'd managed to reach the top of the Criminal career path, achieving my Lifetime Want in a matter of days.


That evening, Lucy went into labour. After all the months of preparation, I was still lost when it came to the actual moment.


All was well, however. Our first child was a boy, Drusus, with my hair and Lucy's eyes.


Our second child was also a boy with Lucy's eyes (and eyebrows!), but with Daddy-Britannicus's hair colour. Twins! I knew I shouldn't have let Lucy eat that left-over cheesecake in the fridge!


Motherhood didn't come naturally to me, I'm afraid. I couldn't help but feel glad for the fact that I had my fathers and grandmother, as well as Lucy, to help me with this new challenge.


No longer the baby of the family, Catterick took out his jealousy on his scratching post.

How would I cope with my new family? Would we all be okay with our legacy's founder gone? Only time would tell.

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