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The Lawson Legacy: Generation 3.2


The last time you saw me, my beautiful wife Lucy had just given birth to not one but two sons – Drusus and Darcy. As I soon learned, twins were hard work! It seemed that, just as soon as we'd get one fed and changed, the other would be crying in his cot, desperate for attention.


While we were up to our necks in babies, however, Daddy-Castor was achieving his second lifetime want.


I had a feeling that Grandma Amelie wouldn't stay away from the legacy household for long, and my hunch was confirmed not long after our sons were born. Grandma Abbey – a typical Knowledge Sim - was thrilled to see her wife again, even if it wasn't quite the same.


We'd all been working hard on the garden and, with the autumn leaves carefully swept and composted, we asked the local Garden Club to reassess our work. To our delight, they loved it! We won a cash prize and the coveted wishing well.


Lucy thought it safe to finish off the leftover cheesecake in the fridge.


Minutes later, however, she was in the bathroom, throwing up. It seemed we'd be continuing the Lawson tradition of two sets of twins every generation.


While Lucy was still in her first trimester, it became time for Daddy-Castor to age into an elder.


After a change of haircut and a better set of clothes, he was still quite handsome.


Soon after, it was our sons' turn to have a birthday. Drusus went first...


...and Darcy followed soon after.


Both of the boys were very cute as toddlers, although we completely neglected to take any photos of Drusus. Why?


Because the terrible twos really were terrible for Darcy.

Drusus Lawson
Neat – 8
Outgoing – 9
Lazy – 1
Serious – 3
Nice – 10

Darcy Lawson
Neat – 7
Shy – 3
Active – 10
Serious – 3
Grouchy – 2


Daddy-Britannicus gave me a bit of a fright when he came home one night swooning over some strange man.


It turned out that he just thought his driver was cute. I couldn't see it myself, but I was pleased to hear that my fathers' relationship was still as solid as ever!


Lucy was a wonderful mother, true to her Family aspiration. Even she grew tired of potty training two toddlers at once, though.


It seemed like her first trimester flew by.


Now that he was old enough to collect his pension, Daddy-Castor decided to retire.


As for me, I was still hard at work, making my way to the top of the Law career track and achieving my second Lifetime Want.


Lucy entered her final trimester – and she was huge!


I actually think she was glad to go into labour. After all, she'd been too big to do much for the last few months.


Our third child was born – another son – and we named him Dante. Of all our children, he was the only one to have Lucy's pale skin tone instead of my olive one. He also had Daddy-Britannicus's hair and my eyes.


Proving that she had been pregnant when she'd finished off that cheesecake, Lucy handed Dante to Grandma Abbey...


...and gave birth to our fourth and final son. We named him Dionysius, hoping that he wouldn't turn out to be too much like his namesake. Apart from his olive skin, he had the same colouring as his twin brother.


I think all those children brought on temporary insanity in Lucy, because she immediately started talking about how she wanted to have ten kids. Luckily, twin dirty nappies soon helped to change her mind.


The older twins were progressing well, due in part to the smart milk formula that we'd been feeding them. They were learning at an incredible rate, but I have to say that I never did get used to the sight of a seemingly-radioactive toddler tottering towards me.


With the Law field conquered, I moved on to Business, becoming a tycoon and achieving my third Lifetime Want.


Meanwhile, our boys were growing up. I was a little concerned about Drusus's lips, but my fathers showed me some old photos and reminded me that mine were just as bad at his age.


Darcy, in comparison, reminded me a lot of my brothers, just as long as you ignored his brown eyes.


While Mary was always quite calm during her visits, Grandma Amelie wasn't quite as pleasant. She delighted in scaring us all. I didn't mind so much with the adults, but it seemed a little cruel for her to be scaring the kids.


Drusus and Darcy continued to learn at a brilliant rate. It seemed their smart milk was continuing to serve them, even now they were no longer drinking it.


Grandma Abbey had been drinking a different sort of green liquid, to correct the strange situation where she had been younger than her own son.


She looked pretty good as an elder. Hopefully I've inherited those genes!


The babies were growing older too. Dante went first...


...and looked a lot like his uncle Claudius had at that age.

Dante Lawson
Neat – 8
Outgoing – 9
Active – 9
Serious – 3
Grouchy – 1


Dionysius was next.


He didn't look like anyone in the family, as far as I could tell.

Dionysius Lawson
Neat – 8
Outgoing – 9
Lazy – 4
Serious – 3
Nice – 10


Daddy-Britannicus achieved his fourth lifetime want...


...just in time to become an elder.


I didn't think he looked much like a Space Pirate, but as long as he was happy, that was the important thing!


I think the less I say about his new uniform, the better.


Being a tycoon wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Those helicopters were loud.


The bar in our front room seemed like an elder magnet at times!


The younger twins had another birthday. Dante continued to remind me of Claudius.


Dionysius... well, I hoped that he'd grow into his looks with time.


I invited around my old headmaster around for dinner, in the hope of getting the boys accepted to private school. It helped that he and Daddy-Castor were close!


It came as no surprise to anyone when he offered all the boys places at my old school.


Daddy-Britannicus decided that four Lifetime Wants was enough and took retirement.


With Grandma Amelie long gone, Grandma Abbey was beginning to feel a little lonely. She invited an old friend of hers – Mary – around for what she jokingly called a 'booty call'. Mary, however, was not pleased.


Actually, that was a bit of an understatement. Before long, she was attacking Grandma Abbey in the middle of our front room!


Of course, Grandma Abbey kicked her arse!


Apparently that spurred Grandma Abbey on, because soon afterwards she achieved her Lifetime Want.


She retired straight away, never having been much of a fan of the nine to five.


The older twins were going through changes too, entering their teen years.


Darcy was certainly a Lawson, looks-wise!

Darcy Lawson
Aspiration – Popularity
Lifetime Want – Become an Icon
Turn Ons – Underwear and Vampires
Turn Off – Formal Wear


For once, Drusus followed his (slightly) younger brother.


Drusus had a lot of Lucy in his genes, giving him a more masculine look than the usual Lawson man!

Drusus Lawson
Aspiration – Knowledge
Lifetime Want – Reach the top of the Education career
Turn Ons – Fatness and Formal Wear
Turn Off – Grey Hair


Grandma Amelie's ghost was wreaking havoc in the house, so we built a mausoleum on the grounds in the hope of calming her a little.


Although our boys were growing up, they still needed a little motherly comfort at times – even if they would never have admitted it!


Darcy wanted a boyfriend, so we allowed him to be the first of the family to test out the wishing well.


I think it was a resounding success.


Darcy had a strange idea of romance, however.


Now retired, the older members of the household seemed to spend most of their time napping on the various couches in our home.


At least Catterick was still active!


Darcy brought this interesting looking boy home from school, immediately ignoring him in favour of completing his homework.


To keep him occupied, Drusus decided to put our makeover chair to use.


He scrubbed up fairly well, but neither of the boys were interested.


I reached the top of the Medicine career, equalling Daddy-Britannicus's record of four lifetime wants. I decided to leave it at that, given that I was growing tired of swapping careers every few years.


Grandma Abbey's time came. We were all very sad to see her go.


Her urn was placed beside Grandma Amelie's in the new mausoleum.


Drusus brought home a good looking boy from school...


...but he didn't share my opinion. True to his Knowledge aspiration, Drusus preferred studying to romance.


The younger twins were soon due to become teenagers too.


Dante was very handsome as a teen.

Dante Lawson
Aspiration – Romance
Lifetime Want – Reach the top of the Music career
Turn Ons – Fatness and Brown Hair
Turn Off – Bathers


Dionysius grew up in the kitchen, moments after becoming fat.


He was certainly interesting looking as an teenager. Lucy and I thought he had a uniqueness that his better-looking brothers didn't have.

Dionysius Lawson
Aspiration – Pleasure
Lifetime Want – Become a Professional Party Guest
Turn Ons – Stink and Vampires
Turn Off – Fitness


Dionysius left for college soon after aging, joining the dorm that my brothers and sisters had attended.


He grew into his features a little as a young adult, and I was sure that he'd do well during his college years.


Then it was time for the other three boys to head to college and for me to choose the next Lawson heir. To be honest, the choice had been made years ago, but I resolved to wait until Drusus, Darcy and Dante were settled in their new dorm before making the announcement.

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