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The Lawson Legacy: Generation 4.2


Okay, so first things first. I'm switching back to third person format, because it seems to be more popular. Hell, I prefer it myself, when I'm not writing it ;) I'm also tweaking the way I do my numbering, from the change of focus to the actual birth of a generation, as that makes more sense when it comes to generation ten. Confused yet? I hope not!

So anyway, last time we saw Drusus, Darcy and Dante Lawson, they'd just finished their Sophomore year of college. It was all downhill from there, so there are less college photos for the second half.


Dante, my resident Romance Sim was keeping true to his nature and showing his extreme fear of commitment. It's a pity that he was so against marrying Nathen-the-dormie, because they made a cute couple.


The trouble with being a Romance Sim is that you have to consider everyone an option when it comes to future sexy times.

To prove, yet again, than Maxis has a sense of humour, this chick (Camryn McClellan) is a Romance Sim herself. Like pretty much every other Fug in the game, Goopy included. Yeah, good luck with that, guys...


Random OMGILOVEDRUSUS shot. See, the advantage of me writing the last couple of parts in first person was that you didn't get me squeeing over how much I adore Drusus every few shots. Because I do – adore him, that is. Even if he does drive me up the wall with his bad taste in men.


Speaking of Drusus's taste in men, right after he got engaged to Darren, he started swooning over their man-maid, Mayhew Wade. He's not unattractive, but he seems to have a fairly similar face shape to Drusus himself, so I could picture them having a mess of identical children.


Drusus wasn't the only one up for a bit of cheating. Darcy went on an outing with this chick, who met him through Ray. You know, his fiancé Ray. She was all over him, and Darcy was more than happy to play along.


While Darcy was busy being wooed by a girl (OMG!), I was busy spotting this potential partner for a future heir. She's Vanessa Turner, and I think she'd be gorgeous with better hair and a bit of makeup.


Mrs. Crumplebottom wasn't pleased with Darcy's snogging of someone who was Very Much Not His Fiance.


Despite all his swooning over Mayhew, Drusus hadn't completely forgotten Darren.


He also maxed out all his skills!


Dante made a lot of use of the hot tub. I don't think any of the other dormies would've used it if they'd realised exactly what had been happening in that water. Ew.


Drusus and Mayhew are obsessed with each other. OBSESSED.


Okay, see this? This would've been a lot more than a cuddle if I hadn't caught it just in time before ACR kicked in.


Dormie Gavin (the one Dante was hot-tub-woohooing a few pictures above) was clever enough to die of starvation. Dante was probably crying from the relief that he wouldn't have to get engaged to him.


Ah, it's just not college without at least one dead dormie.

Because Gavin had departed from the ol' mortal coil, there was a newly-empty dorm room going begging. And GUESS WHO they sent over...


STALKER FUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't think I have ever been more excited in all my years of playing the Sims. Apparently his real name is Roger Zarubin. He's always going to be Stalker Fug to me, though.


Speaking of Fugs, remember Camryn? Yeah, Dante totally had her.


He spotted THIS when he was out and about on one of his shagging missions. Edward Fairchild. He looked pretty good in the dark...


...and even better when Dante invited him back to the dorm and Drusus had his way with him and the de-fugging chair. I am still annoyed at Drusus for having negative chemistry with him. Darren would've been out on his arse instantly, otherwise ;)


Darcy REALLY hated this dormie, Cleve Phelps. I have no idea what started it – possibly the fact that Cleve was the only dormie to refuse to jump into bed with Dante.


Just another of Dante's conquests, Danielle Shaw. He doesn't ever look very happy about kissing girls.


Random I LOVE DRUSUS spam. Moving right along...


I kept taking shots of Drusus and Darren just to prove that they were still good together, despite Drusus's obsession with Mayhew and my obsession with Edward Fairchild *g* It was around about now that I realised that I didn't like Darren's nose from the side. Oh, and that he has a really weird chin... O.o


Another random conquest. I think this guy was the tenth person Dante had made out with.


Drusus and Dante both had dream dates in the one evening, both yielding outlandish thank-you gifts. Darren handed over a piano...


...while big-nose here favoured electrical goods. The Lawsons are rolling in money these days, but the dormies appreciated the posh TV.


At some point, Dante became a Big Man On Campus without me realising it. You make a lot of friends when you're shagging half the student population.


Don't mind the dust cloud. It's just Darcy kicking Dormie Cleve's arse yet again.


I'm pretty sure that this guy – Thomas – was woohoo number ten for Dante. It's a nice round figure for him to finish his college career on.




Eventually all three boys graduated Summa Cum Laude. (Dionysius, in contrast, will be languishing in the Non-Heir Dorm forever, because I don't like him.)

Darcy's the only Sim I've ever had who has really suited the graduation gown and cap.


Dante, not so much. Drusus didn't get a snazzy outfit, because he graduated an hour after his brothers.


Before he could roll a fear of it, Dante was engagified to Thomas the second after they fell in love. Green stink and all, yo.

And then it was time for them all to head back to the neighbourhood. Before we head back to the Legacy home, however, I've a quick run-down of the happily-ever-afters for Darcy and Dante.


First up – Darcy.


He got married to Ray, who aged into a man-maid outfit.


He was pretty handsome once the mini-mohawk was ditched. The happy couple had two daughters.


The elder of the two is Elphaba. (I wanted the kids of the non-heirs to have E-names too, but I didn't want to take any of my favourite ones, in case I needed them for Drusus's kids.) This is actually an amazingly flattering shot of Elphaba. Naturally, she's quite hideous.


Their second daughter, however, is gorgeous. Total heir material, if she'd actually been in the running. Her name is Endora. Five points to whoever can pick the theme ;)


Dante looks way too happy for a Romance Sim who's married with three kids.


He married Thomas, a fellow Romance Sim, and amazingly enough, neither of them went into aspiration failure.


Thomas isn't gorgeous, but he's one of the better looking people who Dante's shagged ;)


Their oldest son, Edgar, is the third redhead of the generation. If Drusus doesn't add to that number, I shall undoubtedly chuck a tanty.

Edgar looks a lot like Thomas. Just uglier.


Edmund is such a Lawson.


The youngest, Elias, is the first blonde of the Legacy, even though he doesn't really count. He would've been my choice for heir if I'd been playing Dante.


As for the branch of the family that actually counts... well, I'd grown tired of the old house, so I built them a new one. It's ugly (all my houses are), but hopefully it's the perfect lay-out for a Legacy family of four generations.


With Drusus, Darcy and Dante all graduated from college, Lucy achieved her lifetime want... and re-rolled a new one that she most certainly won't be achieving.


After making sure that all the founder portraits and Amelie, Mary and Abbey's gravestones were safely in inventory, Catterick, Brit, Castor, Celeste and Lucy moved into their new home.


Soon after, they were joined by Drusus.


Drusus immediately threw a wedding party, which sent Claudius into aspiration failure, for some reason. Was he scared of his nephew getting hitched or something? Who knows.





Wedding spam. Yes, Drusus chose Darren in the end. I'm still not certain it was the right choice, genetically, however...


I have no idea who the dark chap and the blond chap in the background are. The other wedding guests, though, were the obvious household residents (minus Lucy, who was eating), Dante, Darcy, Dionysius, Christopher and Claudius. Oh, and the gardener *g*


Immediately after the vows were said, I noticed something extremely worrying in Darren's relationships panel...


Cake cutting!


Drusus's ten nice points are showing.


Darren brought $4000 into the household, along with an abundance of weird possessions. Why exactly he needed three fish tanks, I don't want to know. He was working as Mayor, but I had him resign, because his LTW is to be a Mad Scientist.


Marriage = babymaking in Legacies.


The wedding party was a roof raiser, possibly thanks to my refusal to allow toasts (and subsequent pants-wetting), and the happy couple headed off in a limo for their honeymoon, while Castor perved on the neighbours in the background.


Yeah, that didn't go so well.

(Although how exactly he saw this chick all the way over at Sim State University, I'll never know.)


Back from the honeymoon! Time for some stats:

Darren (Scott) Lawson
Appearance: Red hair, brown eyes, skin tone one.
Aspiration: Knowledge
LTW: Become a Mad Scientist
Attraction: Likes bathers and underwear, but doesn't like full face makeup.
Attributes: Neat (9) Shy (2) Active (6) Serious (3) Grouchy (5)


Oh, and a shot of Drusus, even though he doesn't really look any different to how he looked as a Young Adult.


What is it with Sims and hot-tub woohoo?




At least I don't have to worry about Darren's eyes straying any time soon. Obsessed much?


So Drusus wanted to hire a maid, although there's not a lot of point when everyone in the house bar Castor is a neat freak. When the maid turned up, I realised why he'd been so eager.

I sense trouble on the horizon.


POP! I missed the usual morning sickness shot, but Darren was definitely knocked-up.


Hello Abbey! The ghosts are all pissed off because the move to the new lot means a whole new set of beds.


Darren may have moved in with a stack of fish tanks, but he certainly didn't move in with a stack of cooking points. This fire would've been slightly less annoying if he hadn't been about to die of pregnancy-related starvation at the time.

Also, Catterick gave me a heart-attack, standing around with his head in the fire like that.



Brit has turned into a dirty old man in his dotage. Seriously, I have had to cancel this action a MILLION times.


Second pop!


When Brit wasn't perving on his grandson's husband, he was busy painting Drusus's heir portrait. Um... he's not naked. It just looks like he is. He was wearing pyjama pants. Promise.


Lifetime want! He managed it in one day, once the career path actually made it to the employment notices.


And we end on the clichéd cliff-hanger of Darren going into labour, and me worrying that the offspring will all be fugs.
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