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The Lawson Legacy: Generation 5.2


Before disappearing for years, I left the Lawsons on a birth cliffhanger. Drusus was about to go into labour after getting himself knocked up by the manmaid in the hope of bringing some non-hideous genes back into mix.


It's a girl! Her name is Eleanor, and she has Drusus's brown hair and eyes and Mahew's dark skin. It's amazing it took this long for the dark skin to appear in the legacy kids, given that it's been in there since the beginning!


And it's another girl! This one is called Eponine and she has Drusus's brown hair, brown eyes and tan skin. At this point, she proceeded to cry non stop until I realised that I hadn't patched the game after installing it on my new computer. After that was done, I liked her a lot more ;)


Money is really not an issue any more, so I let Lucy retire.


Britannicus is great with the kids. He might be a knowledge sim, but he acts like a family sim around the babies, even autonomously tucking them into their cots.


I was alerted to a kerfuffle outside, and a townie looking on in horror.


Turns out it was just a neighbourhood cat kicking a neighbourhood dog's arse. I love that loser pose, though! I haven't seen it before.


Celeste and Lucy might be elders now, but they're still ridiculously in love. I don't control them very often, because I tend to focus on Drusus when he's not at work, and they spend so much time kissing and flirting and hugging and autonomously woohooing.


Playing catch with your daughter is totes srs business.


NO. Because apparently two crying babies are just not enough for Lucy. I approve of Celeste's unimpressed look.


Darren was still pissing me off with his complete refusal to do anything to help with the rearing of the children (to the point of refusing when I told him to help his daughter with her homework) so I had him drink green goo when he was only green aspiration. DON'T MESS WITH ME, SIMS.


I started out hating both of my children for being unattractive, but it was kind of hard to keep it up when it came to Elizabeth, because she's actually a pretty cool kid. Her lack of nice points and abundance of outgoing/active points makes her fun, unlike her EXTREMELY DULL AND ANNOYING brother. Whom I still hate. A lot. Could you tell?


Lucy, on the other hand, is still supercool and still rocking out to her MP3 player at every opportunity.


Darren was still pissing me off, so I let Drusus invite Mahew the manmaid around. (The evil snowman in the background is Elizabeth's work. The rest of my Sims are far too nice for that.)


But then I saw this. NoooooooooooooooOOOOoooo :(


I am glad that I had over two years away from the game, as it was heartbreaking enough to lose Brit even after all this time. It would've been shocking if I'd been playing solidly all along.


Oh Brit. So very you, right up until the end :)


AWKWARD. Darren seems to have forgotten that Mahew is the reason he's pissed off at Drusus at the moment. Instead, he's all "oh how nice for the maid to bother mourning my father-in-law!"


He's totally fine with this. WTF? I think this just proves how useless Darren is.


Brit's urn is placed in the mausoleum beside Castor's. He was my first heir, even though he wasn't meant to be, and he was entertaining from start to finish.


The ghosts were all active that night, as though welcoming Brit to the sim afterlife.


Autonomous tucking-in is so damn awwwww.


You know what, Darren? I really don't think it's appropriate to be telling your daughter all about the time you caught Daddy shagging the maid.


Speaking of...


You'd think this was a photo of Darren reacting to the fact that his husband is woohooing with another man in the hottub while he looks on, right? WRONG! Actually, he's pissed off because he wants to join them in the tub and can't do so.


It was finally time for the babies to become more interesting.


Eponine should be fine once she gets rid of that haircut.

Eponine Lawson
Neat – 8
Outgoing – 10
Lazy – 0
Serious – 3
Nice – 7


Eleanor is ridiculously cute without any makeover needed at all.

Eleanor Lawson
Neat – 10
Shy – 2
Lazy – 0
Serious – 3
Nice – 10


The house that was supposed to be the ultimate legacy house actually sucked, so I made them a new, smaller one. Too much scrolling makes baby Tara cry.


Eponine is totally cute once the hair issue is taken care of.


And Eleanor is still cute, so she gets a pic as well.


Because I had them change lots, they had a new welcoming party. Um, not if I were desperate, kthx.


Drusus is a fantastic father. He more than makes up for Darren's innate fail. The kids all love him and he's always happy to hang out with them or play games with them, even when he's just home from a day at work.


You may have noticed the complete lack of Etienne in this update. That's because I hate him. Still, it was time for him to turn into a teenager. Perhaps he'd pull off a miracle, looks-wise.


Nope. I put effort into giving him the best possible makeover, but he still looks like an orang outang.

Etienne Lawson
Aspiration – Knowledge
Lifetime Want – Reach the top of the Journalism career
Turn Ons – Vampirism and Black Hair
Turn Off – Brown hair


NOT HEIR. Yup, the moment he'd had his ineffective makeover, he went right over to that phone and selected "go to college". And gee it felt good.


And then it was Elizabeth's turn. I didn't hold out much hope for her, but she's cool, so I figured I'd probably keep her around for a while, even if she was as hideous as her twin brother.


WHAT THE HELL? HOW DID THAT HAPPEN??? Okay, so apparently as a teenager Elizabeth is gorgeous and looks a lot like a redheaded version of Celeste. I'm still a bit in shock from it, but I'm not going to complain.

Elizabeth Lawson
Aspiration – Romance (! Perfect for her stats)
Lifetime Want – WooHoo with 20 Different Sims (okay, this could be fun)
Turn Ons – Fat Sims and Blonde Hair
Turn Off – Stink


And we finish on a picture of Etienne at uni, proving that combining two pretty Sims (ie. Drusus and Darren) does not guarantee pretty offspring D:

Next time: the three girls battle it out to become heir!
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