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The Lawson Legacy: Generation 6.2



I heart her. Even if she does perve on her neighbours.


Said neighbours don’t heart her quite as much. Silly silly neighbours.


Yeah, lady, I could have told you that was going to happen. No one beats Elizabeth in a fight.


It didn’t take long for Drusus to forsake his dead husband for his long term bit-on-the-side Mahew Wade.


Drusus wanted to move Mahew in, so I obliged him because I will do anything for my beloved Drusus. Mahew is a Knowledge Sim whose lifetime want is to become the education minister. No wonder he fits in with the Lawsons.


Dante pops by for a visit! He may be an elder now, but he’s still got it.


Meanwhile, it’s time for Fiyero to become a toddler.


And the revealing of Fiyero’s toddler face is postponed for a fire. As a former manmaid, you’d think that Mahew would know how to cook a basic meal without burning down the house.


Once the fire is put out, it is revealed that Fiyero is a disgustingly cute toddler, just like his brother was. Good for him. He has red hair, tan skin and Elizabeth’s brown eyes, and his stats are:

Neat (8)
Outgoing (9)
Active (7)
Serious (2)
Nice (8)


Meanwhile, there is another redheaded baby in the works.


Drusus is an amazing grandfather, but I’m not sure he should be doing that at his advanced age…


Darren pops by to say hello. Elizabeth goes on eating. She’s too cool to be scared by a silly ghost.


Mahew goes into aspiration failure. That’s what you get for trying to burn the house down, dude.


Sometimes the parenting and grandparenting isn’t quite so spectacular. Oh well, Caterick always sleeps on the beds anyway.


Rose is looking a little concerned. I wonder why…


Oh hey, it’s a baby! The third and final child of the F generation is another boy, which means the accidental alternating heir sex tradition will continue. His name is Fyodor, and he completes the family of redheads.


And now we’re actually on to the stuff that’s happened since I picked up the game again after a two year hiatus. Remember Flavius? He’s a cute kid, and he gets ALL the good marks.


Fiyero doesn’t want to get left behind in the heir stakes, so he makes good use of the smart milk in order to learn those vital toddler skills ;)


I love my Drusus, but damn elders do stuff all most of the time. He and Mahew danced around beside the fish tank for about six Sim hours before I finally gave up on waiting for them to do something else and told Mahew to go feed the damn baby.


Drusus, on the other hand, helped Fiyero say goodbye to toddlerhood.


Cute kid! The Lawson ducklips look good on him ;)


It’s also time for Fyodor to become more interesting.


I love it when toddlers age into the animal outfits :D

Fyodor Lawson:
Sloppy (2)
Outgoing (8)
Active (9)
Serious (3)
Nice (7)
Red hair, grey eyes and tan skin.


Rose is such an appreciative mother. With encouragement like this, I’m sure the kids will all grow up with loads of confidence.

Or not.
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