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The Lawson Legacy: Generation 6.3



Hiya Drusus. Just lounging around, I see. I guess you thought it'd be nice to have a chilled beginning to the new update. Goodgood.


Fyodor is fascinated by the fish. One of the cuter toddler interactions, I think. Of course, given his later penchant for fishing, it's possible that he's just deciding which looks the tastiest.


Don't mind Rose. She’s just continuing to fail at anything cooking related.


Flavius is absolutely addicted to music. His skill points are basically non-existent for everything else, but he's maxed out the creativity skill as a kid. In pyjamas, no less.


Catterick gets love from all the Lawson kids. Whether he likes it or not.


It's nice to see Mary still popping in to say hello to her great-grandson and great-great-great grandson. Don't worry: Drusus is a Knowledge Sim. He gets off on that kind of thing.


Flavius really fails at living up to his one nice point. I don’t think I've ever had a sim who played with their toddler siblings of their own accord before.


It's time for Fyodor to age up and hopefully stay cute.


He'll do. He’s such a Lawson kid. I think the hair is a little outlandish on a child, but it helps to distinguish him from his two red-headed brothers, so I'm letting him keep it.


It's also Flavius’s birthday, but he gets to wish for a decent aspiration as well as a decent helping of hot.


Well, I think he can count the second half of that wish as being well and truly satisfied. Because damn.

On the downside, he's a Knowledge Sim (secondary aspiration: Popularity), and the legacy is already overflowing with those. At least his goal isn't to reach the top of the Education career: instead, he wants to become a world class ballet dancer. And just after I took away the ballet bar because I was sick of everyone using it all day and night.

His turn-ons are bathers and sims who are good at cleaning (such a damn Lawson there) and his turn off is jewellery.


Elizabeth fulfilled another lifetime want. Her new want was for a stack of dream dates, so I decided she could stop collecting them. I'll have enough dates to worry about with the new generation.

(So this was part of the old tumblr update and HA. I totally jinxed myself with that sentence. These boys barely know what dating is.)


FYODOR: Mum! Mum! Help me with my homework!
ELIZABETH: Just a minute. I’m busy fighting with this random stranger who was foolish enough to walk by our house.


Mayhew's time to leave the Legacy home for good. He was too old joining the household to achieve his lifetime want, so his gravestone looks very ordinary beside all the shiny gold ones in the family graveyard.


In his will, Mahew leaves money to two out of three of his boyfriend's brothers, one out of three of his boyfriend's grandchildren, some random guy I've never seen him talk to, and Drusus. He doesn't leave money to either of his own daughters. Lovely.


Elizabeth thinks that it's the perfect time to chat up Rose, with Mahew's urn on the kitchen floor and her father grieving in the background.


Then again, Drusus gets over it pretty quickly himself. Within minutes, he's smustling away merrily.


This cat visited a generation or two ago, and is so damn cute that I’m tempted to lure her into the family. Catterick's a boy, and she's a girl, so there could be FLUFFY GREY KITTENS.


See! Look at her fluffy goodness!


Remember Dionysius? He's an elder now, and randomly pops back for a visit...


...Just in time to watch his brother die.



I have to say, since starting to play this legacy, I feel like I could never go back to any other style of Sims playing. There is just a kind of emotional investment that you get with characters who you've seen grow from babies to old age, especially when you can see pieces of their ancestors in them as well. Pixels on a screen or not, I genuinely cared about Drusus, just like I generally care about my daft Elizabeth. And that is why legacies are great. [/soapbox]


I'm with you there, Elizabeth :(


His gravestone is placed in the family graveyard, with Darren's on the left and Mahew's on the right.

Last time using the Gen 4 tag. Sigh.

It's also the last picture that's already been seen on Tumblr! So now we forge into New And Uncharted Territory. I hope you packed your compasses!


You know all of those hilariously entertaining legacies where the kids are always fighting each other? Yeah, this is not one of those legacies. The F-Gen boys all get along brilliantly with each other.


Fyodor shows that he's not about to miss out on the sweet, sweet scholarship money that his big brothers are already in line for.


Unfortunately, there's no scholarship awarded for the magical ability to be attacked by hailstones inside a house. I think the god of iced rain has it in for Fiyero in a big way.


This would be one-nice-point Flavius being an amazing big brother to Fyodor, because apparently he doesn't pay any attention to his statistics.


And this would be seven-nice-points Fyodor lapping up the brotherly attention.


And this would be their mothers woohooing in the hot tub with their underaged sons nearby. ACR and the rules of decorum do not mix very well, alas.


One nice point. Riiiiiiight.


It's Fiyero's turn to hit puberty. May the god of hormones be kind to him!


Why thank you, hormone god! Physically, he's basically Elizabeth in boy form, which means I love him.

He's a Fortune Sim (not a Knowledge Sim woo!), with the secondary aspiration of Pleasure. He's into cologne and hats, but doesn't like sims who are good at cooking. I foresee many kitchen fires in this legacy's future if he becomes heir...


And, of course, the correct way to welcome your brother to teendom is to gossip with him about your dead grandfather. You know, the one who died when Fiyero was a baby.


FIYERO: Letters are hard.

Too bad. You're in high school now. It's about time you conquered your ABCs.


This sucker is much better than anything Fyodor ever saw in the household fish tank. Especially as the fish die about every second day, so there are only rotting corpses to look at.


Fiyero brings Draco Malfoy this cute teen home from school with him. Perhaps the Lawson boys can get started on the romancing, ready for the next generation!


Success? Nope, just classical dancing. Fiyero has zero interest in pursuing any romantic activities with anyone for that matter. He just likes going to his job and earning money. And Flavius is no better, with his obsession with skilling and playing the piano.


Aw bless. They're just like real kids, both of them wanting to be BFF with their older brothers.


ELIZABETH: Congratulations on having three friends, son!

In this family, we aim low.


DUCKFACE, Flavius-style.


DUCKF-- Oh no, wait. That's just Fiyero's mouth. Sorry, Fiyero.


FLAVIUS: Hehehehe Fiyero's a duckface.


DRIVER: Hehehehe I am way too excited about my menial job and my ugly uniform to not be plotting something dastardly.


FIYERO: Yay, we're all going to die!

At least you'll die pretty, boys.


Don't worry. If the scary bus driver sends you all over the edge of a cliff, your deaths will be avenged in a legal and precedent-following manner, as Rose has just become The Law and thus gone permaplatinum.


The kids survived the bus trip of destiny, leaving Fyodor alive and well for his birthday.


He's another cutie, who takes after Rose a lot, which isn't a bad thing.

He's also YET ANOTHER BLOODY KNOWLEDGE SIM (honestly, Lawsons), with the secondary aspiration of Family. He's into stinky guys who cover up the stench with cologne, but he doesn't like sims who are good at cleaning. Apparently he's rebelling against his family of clean freaks.

Unfortunately for Fyodor, his two solitary neat points meant that he was never going to be heir. Autonomous cleaning for fun seems to have become part of what it means to be a True Lawson in my mind, so a messy heir would seem odd.

And so Fyodor gets hardly any time as a teen at all before he and his older brothers are all shipped off to university. As a knowledge sim, it's not like he gave a damn about nabbing his first kiss anyway.


As we reach the close of this update, we end with a shot of Elizabeth waving her boys off as they all head into the next stage of their lives. Who will be named heir? Only the next update will tell...
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