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The Lawson Legacy: Generation 6.4


In our last instalment, Elizabeth and Rose saw their three sons off to University. Which means that it's time to reveal our generation six heir!


It's not Fyodor, but you already knew that. I like him a lot, but I'm biased against messy sims.


Flavius says hi – but he's not heir either.


He can't comprehend it.


After all, just look at that face!

Seriously, though, Flavius is up there with the most attractive sims I've ever had in my game. Unfortunately, he is just such a knowledge sim. He has very little interest in romance or any of the other things that help a legacy heir continue the legacy. Most of the time, he just wants to hang out with Fiyero or study.


Speaking of Fiyero, he's our heir!


FIYERO: *pats self on back*

Honestly? It was meant to be Flavius. But in the end, my love of Elizabeth won out over my innate shallowness. Fiyero is just so much her son. And he's a Fortune Sim, which is a nice change from the over-abundance of Knowledge Sims in this family. We haven't had one of those since Celeste.

And he's cute :)


The boys are in the usual legacy dorm, which means three dormies are joining them. This first chap – let's just call him red – is pretty cute, actually!


Steven, however? Not so much.


Flavius and Fyodor pick the majors most likely to help them achieve their LTW careers, while Fortune Sim Fiyero picks Economics – of course.


This is the kind of behaviour that really isn't helping the search for suitors. Flavius and Fiyero are far more interested in each other than most of the potentials I force them to meet. Sorry guys, but I don't have a mod for that – and I'm not entirely sure it's in the spirit of the challenge anyway ;)


You know you're at uni when you see an ugly dormie fighting with a giant cow. Either that or you've been on the bubble blower for too long.


FIYERO: *is pretty*


FIYERO: *is too cool to wear clothes to community lots*

At least it wasn't snowing this time.


You can tell he's a Lawson by his preening.


This utter cutie walks past the house and deigns to come in for a makeover, only for none of the Lawsons to find him remotely attractive. Look at those recessive genes! Perhaps next generation...


This other pretty is George Reamon. Fiyero actually has one bolt with him, but I try to get at least two bolt matches for my heirs. Still, he's too pretty to discount entirely, and he has blond hair, which is the last hair colour left to work into the legacy.


OH HEY, LOOK WHO IT IS! I don't care that he's been around since Brit was at uni, and obviously has the secret to everlasting life. His over-the-top ugly should always be in this legacy.


Damnit, Fiyero. Stop being so damn cute.


I mean, really. Look at that face.


Fyodor is into my kind of uni food. Who wants macaroni cheese when you can have crisps?


Dormie number three is Douglas Raha, and he's also the first stinky dormie of the generation. Congratulations, Douglas! Your prize is a shower (please).


Yeah, you're not exactly a supermodel yourself, mate, in your fugly vest and Maxis hair.

Fiyero heads out to look for a partner, but this is only the first in a long line of disappointments.


For me, that is. Fiyero has a perfectly enjoyable time playing on the swings and seeing the sights. It's his puppeteer that despairs at the complete lack of two or three bolt matches in the entirety of Sim State University.


They're all obsessed with playing music – even Flavius, who's supposed to be more into sport.


Speaking of Flavius, this kind of dorky crap is why he doesn't get to be heir. He doesn't care about his own lack of a relationship; he just wants to fix the love-lives of those around him.


Don't look now, Fiyero, but your secondary aspiration is showing.


I think the coach has disordered thinking when it comes to weight. He keeps trying to make Fyodor work out whenever he slips from fit to average. It's not like the difference even shows.


Manhunting is all too hard for Fiyero and Flavius, so they spend even more some quality time together.


About the only time that Flavius's lack of nice points shows is when he's playing games.


FIYERO: I think I'm beginning to regret this idea...


FLAVIUS: Throw a ball hard enough to knock your head off? Who me? Never!


So I'd never seen this imitation rubik's cube action before. It's less annoying than some of the hobby actions, at least.


Outside your dorm in your pyjamas is the perfect place to freestyle for tips, dontcha know?


Fiyero's more than happy to show some skin if it means he can earn a little cash.


Meanwhile, Flavius has turned to drugs.


Hmm, what's this?


Oh, just a little autonomous dormie romance.


FYODOR: Awkward...

Doubly awkward given that Fyodor is totally into Douglas himself. The only one of the boys who is interested in romance, and his focus is busy sexing up someone else in the dorm photobooth. Awkward indeed.


Wait! It looks like Red and Fiyero might be a match! We'll have another generation of red-headed babies, but that's not a bad thing. Now all they need to do is meet each other properly and...


Well. So much for that idea.

FLAVIUS: *gossips about some random old dude*
FYODOR: Ew that dead dormie is really stinky!

Could we get a little respect for the dead in here please, guys?


A dead dormie means a new dormie. Somehow, I don't think this one thinks as highly of Fiyero as Red did. I've forgotten his name too, so let's just call him Mohawk, even though he has a makeover later in the piece.


Fiyero actually meets another cute boy who's into him. His name is Grayson Jitmakusol and, although he only has one bolt with Fiyero, I'm beginning to doubt that there's anyone out there with more than that.


Or perhaps I spoke to soon...


Nope! Houston, we have a crush!


And finally, more than a semester into his first year at uni, Fiyero gets his first kiss.


GRAYSON: I can give you another first if you like.
FIYERO: *is oblivious*


Meet Nathen Harris. He is the unicorn of Sim State University in that Flavius is actually attracted to him! He likes Nathen even more than he likes giving Fiyero "family" kisses!


And Fyodor is getting somewhere with Douglas too, so love is in the air in the dorms.


Another first kiss achieved! +200XP to Fyodor!


Speaking of firsts, Flavius seems to be getting on really well with Nathen.


Really well.


Really really well. Oh well, as he's the oldest of the boys, it's only fair that Flavius should get to lose it first.


Remember George? He has a date with Fiyero and I remember why he's so familiar. It must feel weird, dating one of your great uncle's sexual conquests. Sorry, George. I loved Dante too, but he'll be staying dead. It's hard enough getting these three dates without Dante around to steal all the men.


You know, Flavius, most sims get the crush before they have the sexytimes. Just so you know.


The mean cow makes poor Fyodor cry. (They're all attracted to the llama by the way. But no.)


Obviously the experience of dating his great uncle's cast-offs has taken a toll on Fiyero. Drugs don't solve anything, dude.

FIYERO: I see rainbows!


GEORGE: Hi Fiyero! I'm just sneaking past you so that I can deposit a present on your doorstep without you noticing!


Thanks, George. That's super helpful. I was just thinking that what the dorm needed was a large water feature.


And thus ends the boys' first year at university. It's relatively drama-free, you might think. Don't worry: the drama is yet to come...
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