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The Lawson Legacy: Generation 7.1


Before we head back to the legacy house, let's pause to check how the spares turned out, shall we?


Flavius is super pretty, but that was inevitable.


He marries Nathen, who is also pretty. If Flavius had been heir, they'd have had a brood of pretty babies, I'm sure.


Fyodor's looks really grew on me over the time the boys spent in university. I never considered him for heir, but he would've made good kids as well.


Possibly with the input of a different husband. Yup, Fyodor married his cheating fiancé, Douglas, who still doesn't look remotely ashamed.


Steven survived university, despite being a dormie, survived the addition of a cow plant to the dorms, and survived Fyodor's constant attacks. With that kind of tenacity, I didn't have the heart to delete him off the face of sim!earth or have him languish in the dormie pool forever, so I moved him in with Fyodor and Douglas.

May they brawl happily ever after.


And now we head back to the legacy house, where Fiyero is busy claiming his place in the front room as the new breeding stock heir in charge.


Quick to join him in the house is Vittorio, who is more than happy to move in with his fiancé.

Look at the guy's face. Isn't he adorable?


Fiyero figures it's about time he announced his engagement to his mothers. For a romance sim, Elizabeth is surprisingly encouraging.


ELIZABETH: Aw, they grow up so fast.


I'll never fully understand the reputation part of the game but, as a fortune sim, Fiyero is very happy to take any extra money that's on offer.


Castor, Celeste and Lucy return to the house to welcome Vittorio into the Lawsons' not-so-humble abode.

Just what the guy wants, I'm sure.


VITTORIO: So, seeing as we're engaged now, do you think we could start having more sex in bed and less in filthy photo booths?


I think that's a yes.


There are no baby chimes (and not the next time either), but the wedding goes ahead swiftly anyway.


A motley collection of Fiyero's friends and family decides to attend.


Fiyero and Vittorio say their vows with a ladybird house in the background (the latest fashion in sim wedding décor)...


...and Vittorio officially joins the Lawson legacy.


Please note the almost-complete lack of guests watching the ceremony, including their own mother standing with her back turned. They were all inside watching television.


They're two-bolters instead of three-bolters, but Fiyero and Vittorio are still very demonstrative about their love for each other.


Cake-cutting time.


Fiyero's super happy about the prospect of cake. (Aren't we all?)


Flavius, I'm not entirely sure that counts as formal wear. I guess you're pretty enough to get away with it, though.


DORMIE: I don't get it. We all went to uni together, and now you two are about to hit old age.

Time in Sims 2 is a very complicated thing.


Despite Fiyero and Vittorio both heading to bed, exhausted, their wedding party is a great success.


It looks like something else may have been a great success during the party...


Elizabeth and Rose may be getting older, but they're still as madly in love with each other as they were back in their own newlywed days.


Which is why I'm stunned to see flames when Elizabeth thinks about her wife.


Checking the relationship panel confirms that she truly is mad at Rose. For the first time ever. What can Rose have done to make Elizabeth so annoyed?


Oh. Of course. Wetting yourself is always something of a faux pas, but this is the Lawson legacy. Anything but a perfect standard of neatness is unforgivable.


Completely gratuitous Vittorio spam, because he's pretty and I'm shallow.


Pop! I've gone back to the alien tees for male pregnancies, because it's nice to have the guys actually show.


FIYERO: Now that I've officially taken over as heir, isn't it about time you got started on my heir portrait?


Mahew "welcomes" Fiyero back into the home. Not while he's pregnant, please, Mahew.


VITTORIO: Now that we're married, do you think it's time we started thinking about children?
FIYERO: Umm...


Pop! Surely Vittorio will catch on now.


OMG first ghost!Drusus sighting. HI DRUSUS! WELCOME BACK!


Argh. Okay, Drusus, you know I love you, but can we please stop scaring the pregnant bloke?


Scaring the pregnant bloke's new husband isn't the most welcoming activity either.


There appears to be a baby on the way.


ELIZABETH: *graceful jazz hands*


Vittorio still has no idea what's going on.


Rose is amazed that he's so oblivious, which is pretty rich coming from the woman who has no idea her wife shagged her way through most of Sim State University.


And it's a boy! He's called Gaius, and he has Vittorio's blond hair and both fathers' brown eyes. Yes: the first blond in the legacy, which makes it a full rainbow of hair colours ;)


Elizabeth and Rose cheer the new arrival.


VITTORIO: (belatedly) Wait, where did that baby come from?


He's actually an amazing dad. Who would've thought?

Vittorio's my favourite heir spouse so far, and he really did seem to be completely confused when it came to Fiyero's pregnancy! Apologies for such a bland update this time around. I'm pretty exhausted from the move and everything else going on in my life right now! Next update, there are more babies. Not really a spoiler ;)
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