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The Lawson Legacy: Generation 7.4


The gen 7 kids continue to be likeable and drama free. And they have the nerve to call themselves a legacy family ;) At least there's plenty of pretty to go around!


As we begin this latest update, Drusus is demonstrating just how Lawson he is by taking out the rubbish, even though he's life-challenged these days.


He figures he might as well give Fiyero a fright while he's outside. I like how it looks like he's getting friendship points from the interaction, but actually Bones is just out of shot. (Sorry for spoiling the magic.)


Yep, that looks totally safe, Fiyero.


Griffith is a true Lawson. Fiyero need never fear that he's not his son. Here, he's cheering because waking up means you get to make your bed omg!


Gaius, on the other hand, only has four neat points, which should really rule him out as heir, but just look at him. He's so damn adorable that I can almost forgive his penchant for farting at the dinner table.


Bones enjoys toddler love so much more than Catterick, probably because he's about ten times Catterick's size and therefore much less susceptible to squeezing.


For such a chill Sim, Drusus is a keen scarer now that he's a ghost. He seems to have it in for Griff in particular. Poor kid had fewer wet pyjamas as a toddler.


I was really worried that Bones and Catterick wouldn't get along, but they're actually the best of friends and play together all the time.


GRIFF: How dare you talk to me about statistics first thing in the morning!


Gaius is itching to get started on the perks of being a teen: namely, dating. My kids never bring anyone home from school and I'm too lazy to send them to community lots, so the matchmaker it is!


GAIUS: Ooooh sparklyyyy.


She seems pretty proud of herself. I completely forget his name, so I'm going to call him Turtleneck.


Gaius thinks he's pretty cool. Despite the awful fashion sense.


Birthday time again! In a legacy household with three generations and a family of five, it seems like someone's always having a birthday. (That's because someone always is.) Grace was the first of the twins to be born, so she gets to be the first to age up.


She definitely looks better as a child than she did as a toddler, although the chin still dominates.


Guillaume's turn!


Hello there face one! He's cute, though.


GRACE: Did you notice how our older brothers were taught all of their toddler skills, while we were stuck in our cots most of the time?
GUILLAUME: As twin youngest members of the generation, we should probably be grateful that we were potty trained.


The twins are still extremely close. Every morning, they play cops and robbers as soon as they're out of bed.


I'm going to hope that's what Elizabeth is talking about with her grandson... although he does seem a little stunned for such an innocuous conversation topic.


I had no idea dogs could sit in bay windows too! Too cute, Bones. Too damn cute.


Guess what: another birthday. Germanicus's turn this time.


Wow. How did that happen? I have no idea how awkward child!Germanicus turned into pretty teen!Germanicus, but I doubt he's going to complain!

Germanicus Lawson
Aspiration – Pleasure (Grilled Cheese)
Lifetime Want – Have fifty first dates
Turn Ons – Hard working & Great cook
Turn Off – Red Hair
One True Hobby – Cuisine

I like him a lot, but he has one of the worst possible lifetime wants, which basically rules him out as a potential heir. I've culled the number of townies and downtownies so much that I don't think I even have fifty different eligible characters for him to have first dates with!


Fiyero fulfils a second lifetime want – and wears a dapper white suit while doing so.


His next lifetime want is to reach the top of the Architecture career. He's still quite a way away from becoming an elder, so I see no reason why he can't make it to three.


Germanicus is craving the first of his fifty first dates, so the matchmaker is called back to the house, and a transaction takes place under the watchful eyes of Bones The Window Dog.


Germanicus's date is very... Maxis. Still, he could've been worse. Germanicus likes him enough that his first kiss is wasted on the peck goodbye at the end of their date, just like Gaius wasted his on pecking Turtleneck goodbye.


And, meanwhile, Drusus is scaring Griff yet again. At least he didn't wet himself this time!


Gaius may be a pleasure sim, but you'd think his aspiration was family seeing the way he is so autonomously sweet to his younger siblings.


Yeah, this is a completely unnecessary shot. But he's very pleasant to look at.


Speaking of pleasant to look at, the stunner of generation five, Eponine, is kind enough to do a walk-by and show off her new look as an elder. She's still super pretty, of course.


Germanicus isn't as handsome as his older brother, IMO, but he has a ridiculously cute baby face that makes him look incredibly innocent.


Bones seemingly missed the memo that dogs are supposed to bite postmen, not demand love from them.


GRIFFITH: Hell yeah! A+


GRACE: Hell yeah! A+


GUILLAUME: What? I have better things to do than homework, okay? Nerds.


Vittorio is out there stomping on roaches for quite some time before I notice him...

268303_600.jpg it's absolutely no surprise at all that he ends up getting sick.


This family is way too civilised for a Legacy family. Gaius cooked that meal for his younger siblings – and there's even a plate left over for Fiyero, who's just arrived home from work.


Roaches are just too traumatising for Vittorio's delicate constitution. It's really lucky he didn't have to see the state of my new flat's kitchen when I first moved in.


Random Catterick love.


Rose and Elizabeth are still ridiculously in love themselves. Whenever Elizabeth is doing something, Rose can usually be found a few feet away watching her and waiting for the chance to kiss her or flirt with her or whisk her off to bed.


Guillaume finally decides to do some homework.


So you're the culprit for that pile of rubbish that made Vittorio cry! What do you mean you're done for the day? I see five piles worth of Not Done Yet right behind you!


Last birthday for the update, and it's Griffith's. He's wishing to switch the lavender trousers for something a little more dashing.


I think leather is pretty dashing. He's nice looking, too. He very much takes after Vittorio, rather than Fiyero, although I can see Rose's influence in more than just the eyes.

Griffith Lawson
Aspiration – Pleasure (Wealth)
Lifetime Want – Become a Prestidigitator
Turn Ons – Unemployed & Creative
Turn Off – Glasses
One True Hobby – Music and Dance


Rose dies just as she lived her life – swooning over just how hot her wife is.


She never had eyes for anyone other than Elizabeth and she was a good mother to her children. In her later years, she became a little batty, but overall she was a good sort.


Her grave is placed in the family graveyard.


Germanicus takes the loss of his grandmother very hard, as you can see.


Fiyero is genuinely miserable, though. Both he and Grace have trouble sleeping because they can't stop crying about Rose's death.


In the middle of all the sadness, Vittorio achieves his lifetime want and goes permaplat.


His next goal is to steal Fiyero's current job, and the adventurer career path is available, so I switch him over straight away.


Elizabeth pounds out her grief on the piano. I'm used to romance sims immediately rolling wants to hook up with past lovers upon a spouse's death. Elizabeth just rolls the want to resurrect Rose – and it stays in her want panel for days and days.


In happier news, Griff looks cute in a scarf.




You can't really tell from the shot, but this is Elizabeth pissing herself with laughter at Fiyero's portrait. To be fair, he is wearing a really silly expression, but she's the one who painted it!


Because Gaius and Germanicus basically missed out on their first kiss due to game mechanics, I figure it would be nice for them to have one last date each before heading off to university.


Gaius is very pleased with the matchmaker's new choice for him.


He's not bad, although he has fears relating to Britannicus and Bella. It's a little weird to date a teenager who remembers your great great great grandfather.


He and Gaius get along very well, however...


...and this time Gaius gets a proper kiss.


Germanicus isn't about to let his big brother have all the fun, so he hands over $5,000 to the matchmaker as well.


She offers up Draco Malfoy, who has also done the rounds of the Lawson teens over the years.


He's not at all interested in becoming a gen 7 conquest, however, ensuring that he'll stay a teenager for yet another generation.



And with that, Gaius and Germanicus head off to university so that their younger siblings can actually get some screentime. We'll catch up with them as soon as Griff and the twins are ready to join them – and with Gaius in particular, because he's very much still in the running to be the generation seven heir.
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