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The Lawson Legacy: Generation 7.5


It's a long time since I've had five kids in a generation, and I'd forgotten just how long it takes to get them all to adulthood! This is the final update before University, however :)


We begin this update with Grace showing just how much her name doesn't suit her.


Her fathers are still ridiculously in love with each other. Fiyero is wearing trousers by the way. If you look closely, you can see he's not completely starkers in the kitchen.


There is something far too amusing about a teen decked out in leather doing his homework on the living room floor like a good boy.


As a reward for all his hard work, Griff calls up the matchmaker to find himself a first kiss.


Not bad. You can see why the matchmaker looks so pleased with herself. His name is Venkat Straight and, luckily for Griff, he's not ;)


Hi Doug. I see you're in a good mood today.


This walk-by teen is Lilly Hiatt. She's very pretty, so Grace heads out to meet her, even though she's too young to do much about that pretty just yet.


Meanwhile, Griff is busy scoring that first kiss with Venkat.


...while his fathers flirt up a storm with each other in the same room. Awkward is par for the course in the Lawson house.


At this stage in the legacy, it's very common place for the townies to have memories of a date's ancestors. Venkat definitely wins, though, given that he has fears that go right back to the first lot of kids born in the legacy.


GRIFFITH: Ew, you want me to hug the guy I just made out with for half an hour? Gross.

He obviously takes after his grandmother.


Annnnd then I got new defaults :D My brown-eyed sims (which is most of them, at the moment) finally have a nice dark shade of brown, rather than the amber-y colour they've had for a long, long time. It suits Fiyero.


Griff thinks his new look is dance-worthy.


Goddamn Vittorio. You just keep getting prettier.


The new defaults make Elizabeth look even more calm and composed. Which is hilarious when you think about her past as a teen and a young adult.


It's finally time for the twins to become teenagers. Grace is up first.


I was not expecting this. She still has the chin, but it looks so much better on her as a teengager.

Grace Lawson
Aspiration – Popularity (Pleasure)
Lifetime Want – Become Chief of Staff
Turn Ons – Bathers and Mechanical
Turn Off – Grey Hair
One True Hobby – Sports


Guillaume hopes that he'll be just as cute as his twin sister.


Why hello there, handsome! So, it's official. All five of the kids of this generation are good looking teenagers. The heir choice will not be able to be made solely on the basis of looks ;)

Guillaume Lawson
Aspiration – Pleasure (Popularity)
Lifetime Want – Become a General
Turn Ons – Glasses and Grey Hair
Turn Off – Blond Hair
One True Hobby – Sports

My dice rolling has been crazy this generation. Four out of the five children are pleasure sims, and Grace has pleasure as her secondary. Grace is a popularity sim and Gaius and Guillaume both have that as their secondary aspiration. I've never had a generation so similar!


Damn, Grace, stop being so cute.


The twins are still the closest twins I've ever had. When they were kids, they'd get out of bed in the morning and launch straight into a game of cops and robbers. As teens, they get out of bed and launch straight into a game of red hands.


They're also fond of punch you, punch me.


Of course, given that they both have such low nice points, the games can get a little heated...


Guillaume is ready to beg for some date action.


GUILLAUME: Uh. Nice hair >.>


It's okay. A change of hairstyle and the removal of his sunglasses do wonders for him. His name is Cole Ternynck and I think Guillaume really lucked out.


Unfortunately, he has the social skills of a gnat, and seems to think that introducing himself via noogie will create a great first impression. (Hint: it doesn't.)


Eventually, he gets the hang of things, however, and Cole is much more willing to snuggle under the stars than to have his new hairstyle assaulted.


Who'd have thought? Snuggling gets you further than noogies.


Speaking of noogies, don't think they're confined to dates. They're also a good way of expressing your love and respect for your older brother, according to Guillaume.


Remember Lilly from earlier this update? As soon as Grace hits her teenage years, she rolls the want to be friends with Lilly. They talk on the phone for a while, and then head out on a date.


Unfortunately, it seems that Grace asked her twin for dating tips before leaving home.


Generally, it's not a good sign when your date pulls out a book to read.


Apparently it's just Lilly's way of playing hard to get, though, because she's all over Grace only minutes later.


We step back from all this teenage romance for a moment to check out the current loading screen in my game. Please note that Elizabeth is seventy-five years old at this point in time. Should she really be lounging around on the floor like that? What if she breaks her hip trying to get up?


Vittorio brings William Lawson home from work. This is a little worrying, given that he and Fiyero were in love back in their uni days, but no drama eventuates.


Each of the teenagers has their own way of having fun. Griff desperately wants to win a cooking competition, so he heads off to the secret culinary hobby lot to try his luck. Apparently grand vampires are really big on cooking too. I bet black pudding is his favourite.


We pause for a moment to take in the fact that a perfect storm of lighting and backdrop have been extremely good to Griff in this shot. Those eyes look right through you.


He whips up some pork chops, and stands off against a bartender, an old lady and one of the young adults from Sim State University.


And he actually wins! Not bad for a teenager.


In case you're wondering, while Griff is cooking, Grace is being social. If she's not on an outing, she's sneaking out during the middle of the night to see Lilly.


I think that's Fiyero's third lifetime want met.


He then decides he wants to be a Hall of Famer. He's getting older, though, so I think he can leave it at three lifetime wants.


Grace heads out on an outing to a nightclub, arranged by one of Lilly's friends. This small boy is one of the group members. Someone has lax parents.


Grace makes a beeline straight for the DJ table, and does a pretty good job of spinning discs for a while.


Later she dances with Lilly while her great aunt Eleanor's wife boogies in the background.


I don't see this ending badly at all. Especially as Grace has the grand sum of one body point.


Who didn't see that coming a mile off? Apart from Grace, that is.


You've gotta love random townies getting it on in the photobooth. Longtime readers might recognise these two from Elizabeth's dorm back in her uni days.


Griff is a culinary success and Grace is a social butterfly, so what's Guillaume into? Dancing. Unfortunately, he's not quite as successful as his siblings are at his chosen hobby. Then again, if you decide to smustle in a dance competition when everyone else is doing artsy freestyle dance, you're almost guaranteed to lose.


Pretty Grace and pretty Griff in pretty early morning lighting.


Vittorio earns his gold robot making badge, so the first servo of the legacy is created. (Actually, it's the first servo of Sims 2 for me. Very exciting.


His name is Data, although he's nothing at all like his namesake.

Aspiration – Fortune (Knowledge)
Lifetime Want – Become the Hand of Poseidon
Turn Ons – Brown Hair and Creativity
Turn Off – Glasses


A random photo of Vittorio's immense prettiness can only mean one thing:


Yup, it's time for him to get old :(

7.5 057.jpg

Good to know you're still feeling frisky, Vittorio.


Vittorio's birthday seems to reinvigorate the ghosts, and Mahew pops by for a bit of scaring.


Griff falls in love with Venkat, despite his orange puffy vest.


Is that a delayed nausea reaction to the vest?


Nope, it's just Griff being revolted by a display of affection between his fathers. Given that I have ACR installed, he should be grateful that a bit of arm kissing is all he had to see.


Drusus pops by to say hello to his daughter. Unfortunately, Elizabeth's bladder isn't what it used to be, and his visit gives her a bit of a fright.


Apparently Data has the hots for Vittorio.


...and Elizabeth.


...and OH HELL NO. NO NO NO I DISAPPROVE OF THIS MOST SEVERELY, FIYERO. He hasn't cheated on Vittorio once since they got married and now he's macking on the robot?

And this is the point where I tweaked ACR a little, because did I mention NO?


Another outing for Grace. She and Lilly go bowling with three adult men. I bet their friends will think they're so cool when they boast about it at school tomorrow.


They only have eyes for each other, though, and fall in love in the middle of the bowling alley.


LILLY: Damn she's hot when she bends over to bowl in that extremely short skirt *fans self*


Strike! Grace couldn't care less about Lilly's lecherous thoughts. She has bowling to do, damnit!


Grace returns home in time to see Griff off to university. Catterick doesn't give a damn.


Grace gives Guillaume one last, loving noogie...



...and then they head off to university as well.

Who will be heir? As I write this, your guess is as good as mine! All will be revealed once I stop downloading custom content and start playing the damn game ;)
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