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The Lawson Legacy: Generation 8.1


I can't believe there's an eight at the front of the title!

Before we launch into the update proper, let's take a look at how all of the kids and their partners look as adults.


Gaius is still super pretty :)


Speaking of Gaius, his phone book shows a very interesting thing that's rather reminiscent of Flavius. As you can see, his highest amount of chemistry is with Griff, while Guillaume is at number five. Obviously the game calculates chemistry for everyone, regardless of whether or not it involves an incestuous (or even bestial) relationship, then simply disallows inappropriate flirting and relationships. But it's odd that the phone book and guest list screens still show that original calculation – and it's sad that Gaius has to settle for his second highest chemistry score ;)


That just happens to be with his highschool boyfriend, George.


They have a very simple outdoor ceremony.


Germanicus is such a cheery, jolly soul. *cough*


You'd think he'd look at least a LITTLE happier, given how cute his fiancé is.


They actually managed to get married without William going into aspiration failure, which is always good where Romance sims are concerned! And William didn't even have to change his name, because he was a Lawson too!


Griffith is probably the most well-adjusted of all the boys.


This is possibly because he has no idea that his fiance, Adam, has also been chasing after Gaius AND Edward Fairchild.


Still, in the end, it's Griff who Adam marries. Whether Adam stays faithful, however, is a whole other question.


And then there's Guillaume, who was so close to being heir, but lost out on the grounds of his gender.


With a cute husband like Robin, I'm sure he'd have had a flock of equally cute kids. As it is, though, he just gets to pop around to the legacy house every so often and eat all of Grace's food.


Speaking of Grace, she arrives back to the legacy house to find that very little has changed. That is, her fathers are still spending the majority of their days flirting with each other and making out.

So, what does Grace look like as an adult?


Um. Let's try that again, shall we?


Much better.


The back yard is set up for a wedding, which means we probably have to find a second bride. Elise?


Ugh. She's so pretty. And she has the perfect chin to offset Grace's once they get to making babies.


She's also the first sim I've had in ages who makes such a big deal about getting home from work. The outfit leaves something to be desired, but it's the career that's to blame for that, not her.



With Elise home from work, it's time for the wedding guests to arrive.


Let's just get a close-up on Flavius. I have no idea what that's all about, but yay Flavius?


It's always good when you're attracted to the woman you're about to marry.


They make a very pretty couple.


It's a pity that only one father and their grandmother is bothering to watch the ceremony. As you can see, everyone else is standing around in the background, hovering around the toasting set.


They get on with the ceremony regardless. Probably a good thing, as the crowd around the toasting set is only getting bigger.


Given Grace's lack of nice points, I'm very surprised when she feeds the wedding cake to Elise nicely, instead of mashing it into her face.


And then this happens.


Really, Elizabeth? You couldn't have waited to die when it wasn't your granddaughter's wedding day?


Fine. Take your tropical cocktail then.

FLAVIUS: I'd like to make a toast to my mother. Oh. Wait. She was here a moment ago, I'm sure of it.


Mourning pets are so sad :(


Never mind. Why worry about a death in the family when there are toasts to be made?


The wedding guests are a little too interested in the state of Grace and Elise's eggs, if you ask me. Currently unfertilised – not that it's any of your business.



Okay, so if you ever want to throw a really good party, apparently all you need to do is make sure that someone dies in the middle of it.


Grace and Elise head off on their honeymoon, suddenly annoyed at Vittorio for some reason.


Actually, everyone's pissed off with Vittorio. I wonder why?


Yeah. That'd do it. Keep it classy, Vittorio.


Meanwhile, Fiyero's alone outside in the dark, making his way through the wedding feast leftovers.


With the wedding out of the way and the honeymoon over, it's time for the newlyweds to get started on the next generation.


Vittorio has a tonne of cooking points and cooking experience, but he still manages to set fire to the kitchen. In a warped kind of way, that takes talent.


I find the dog-bathing interaction really cute. Except, of course, for the times when Bones decides to jump out too early and covers the entire bathroom in puddles.


That's not very polite, Grace. I know Elise's attempt at spaghetti looks like an erupting volcano, but you don't have to tell her that.


Especially as the poor woman's pregnant with your child!

(AKA: first pop of the next generation)


I'll never understand the Lawsons' obsession with playing beside the family graveyard. There are plenty of other places they could go.


Grace and Elise are way too sweet a couple. And to think that I almost dismissed Elise because she was a cheerleader! (Actually, she hasn't cheered once since moving in. I presume I have a hack that removes that hard-coded behaviour, but whatever it is, I am very glad of it!)


Elise has quite a difficult pregnancy. It's difficult to keep her fed and rested and she likes to combine the two by sleeping face down in her meal.


There's no purpose to this picture beyond my amusement at the combination of explorer outfit and violin.


Pop the second.


Family meal time. A brief moment of calm before the tornado that is baby-rearing hits the household.


That's a very devious look you've got going on there, young man.


Oh, I see. As far as I know, no one has done anything to piss you off, but go ahead.


Yeah, this is another shot for my own amusement, sorry.


You look a little concerned, Elise.


Oh, gotcha. Baby time!


FIYERO: *freaks out*
BONES & CATTERICK: *don't give a damn*


Oh, really?


Baby number one is Huw. He has both mothers' blond hair and Elise's light blue eyes.


Baby number two is Helena. She's blond too, but she has Rose's grey eyes.


Because this is a legacy, Elise and Grace jump straight back into bed to make baby number three.


The parenting in this house is just plain amazing, as you can see.


HUW OR HELENA: Mummy, do you think I could have something to eat too?
ELISE: Not now, dear. Mummy's eating.


Just loungin' around.


You'd think that this chick would've realised by now that the Lawsons aren't going to stop spying on her, no matter how many times she bursts into their house to poke them in the chest. If anything, it probably makes them more likely to do it.


As you can see, Helena's a tiny bundle of sweetness and light :/


That wasn't very nice of you, Rose. Or very welcoming to your granddaughter's new wife.


Look, you made her cry! Elise is too sweet to be scared! :( (She really is one of the sweetest sims I've ever had, which is interesting given that she only has four nice points.)


Huw, on the other hand, is just as pleasant as his twin sister is.


Grace is the one who's pregnant this time around. Elise had such a bad pregnancy with the twins that I didn't want to risk a second.


It's finally time to turn those cranky babies into toddlers!


Helena looks so joyous as she's tossed into the air.


As a toddler, she's... okay. A little simian, if I'm completely honest, but she might grow into her face.


And then it's Huw's turn at the birthday cake.


He looks even more pleased to be turning into a toddler. Perhaps he knows he's going to be cute.


Perhaps not. OH DEAR GOD WHAT IS THAT????

And Huw officially wins the title of Freakiest Toddler I've Ever Had. He looks like something that would come and suck your brain out through your nose in your sleep.

On that terrifying note, we'll end this Lawson update... and hope like hell that the baby Grace is carrying doesn't share any genes with Huw The Freak.
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