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The Lawson Legacy: Generation 8.2


I was checking a few things out recently, and realised that I've actually been playing the Lawsons for just over six years. Okay, there were a couple of massive gaps in there, but still. There's no wonder that my taste in (and the availability of) custom content has changed so much since back in Amelie's day. I still miss some of the legacies I read back in the day!

Anyway, enough reminiscing. Onward!


At the end of the last update, Grace and Elise's first two children aged up to become toddlers. The first, Helena, is not the cutest toddler to ever grace the world of sims, but she isn't entirely hideous, either.

Helena Lawson
Neat – 6
Shy – 3
Active– 7
Playful – 6
Grouchy – 3


Huw, on the other hand, is the ugliest and most terrifying toddler that I've ever had in all of my years of playing the game.

Huw Lawson
Neat – 8
Outgoing – 6
Lazy/Active – 5
Playful – 6
Grouchy – 1


Have a picture of Elise to cleanse your palate after looking at Huw.


You might as well have an amusing potty-training picture of Grace while you're at it.


Elise is super cute, if a little stupid at times. While I know that cheerleaders are generally fantastic athletes with decent intellects, sometimes I wonder whether Elise does, given that she prefers to eat than to do anything remotely active and isn't the greatest when it comes to working things out.


I suddenly realise that the house is missing an heir portrait, so Fiyero sets to work.


There's something a little creepy about Grace's expression in her portrait, but I'm sure we can forgive her for it.


I keep zooming back in on Huw and hoping he'll have miraculously become cute. Not yet.


Elise, on the other hand is ridiculously cute! Interestingly, I think Huw actually takes a lot after her – it's just that the features all look scary and unattractive on a toddler-aged boy.


Ugly or not, Huw still tastes pretty darn good, according to Bones.


FIYERO: Congratulations on getting yourself knocked up so I can have more grandchildren!
GRACE: *stare*


Look, I know the Lawsons spy on you practically 24/7, but getting violent with a pregnant woman is never justified.


Fiyero is an amazing grandfather, which is good, given that neither Elise, nor Grace, is particularly interested in the twins.


You look pretty impressed with yourself there, Fiyero. Hell, I'm impressed too. The closest I've ever come to cooking a turkey roast was a turkey leg – and even then it involved squealing with horror at the fact that some of the feathers were still attached.


Both of the twins love Bones. As well they should!


Just so Catterick doesn't feel like he's being left out, despite his generally antisocial nature.


That face can only mean one thing – baby time again!


And it's a second set of twins! (I'm so glad it's only twins.)


First to be born is Harrison. He has Elise's light blue eyes, Grace's s2 skin and Fiyero's red hair.


The final baby for the generation (hopefully!) is Hunter. He has Rose's grey eyes, Elise's s3 skin and Fiyero's hair again.

As you can see, I finally got around to downloading myself replacement baby outfit defaults!


Sorry, Elise, but no.


Griff pops by to check out his new nephews. (Vittorio is too busy chatting about cooking on the phone to care.)


And then Fiyero ages up without me realising it's about to happen.


He's still very much Fiyero as an elder, although the stubble looks a bit scruffy now it's grey.


Never think that parenting will get better by the eighth generation of a legacy.


Grandparenting, however, can sometimes make up for parental lapses.


And occasionally – just occasionally – a parent might actually surprise you and interact with their child.


It's okay, though. Any love that children miss out on from their parents can be readily claimed from the family pets.


Elise wants to throw a birthday party, and both sets of twins are due to age up on the same day, so the family is invited over to watch. (The only female sim in the picture is actually just a walk-by.)


Four birthdays makes for an awful lot of cake.


Hunter goes first, obviously feeling a little hurt that his mother has wandered into the nursery instead of watching him grow up.


He looks a little worrying in profile, but hopefully he doesn't look too much like Huw.


Speaking of Huw, he's next to grow up. Fingers crossed that toddlerdom was just his 'awkward' period...


Woohoo! He's actually pretty cute as a child, amazingly enough. Better yet, he no longer looks like he eats souls for fun.


His twin sister is the next in the ageing up queue.


So pretty! I actually really love Helena's looks. She's a nice mix of both her mothers, with her great-grandmother's eye colour thrown in for variety.


Harrison is last to hit the birthday cake.


Um, is that a Huwishness I see to his face?


Ugh. Yes it is. He's not nearly as terrifying, but he's still an Extremely Plain Toddler.

Harrison Lawson
Neat – 9
Shy – 3
Lazy – 3
Playful – 10
Grouchy – 3


Hunter, on the other hand, is much better. The nose is still a bit of a worry, but he's not too bad to look at.

Hunter Lawson
Neat – 9
Outgoing – 8
Lazy – 3
Playful – 6
Grouchy – 4


The first thing Harrison does is pass out in the middle of the floor. Helena finds it absolutely hilarious, sweet, empathetic child that she is.


Twin time! Helena and Huw aren't super-close but, as they're the same age, they hang out together more than they do with their parents or the toddlers.


Unlike Harrison, Hunter actually finds a bed to sleep in. Unfortunately, it's Bones's bed.


YOU AGAIN. For some reason the gardener thinks that poolside is the appropriate place for rubbish. The Lawsons hardly ever bother with the pool, but that's not the point.


Helena really takes after her mother, I see.


Elise brings a pretty redhead home from work with her. She's immediately accosted by an elderly walk-by.


Going by that look of horror, I don't think she'll be coming home with Elise again any time soon.


Forget the money – I'm worried about a teaching staff that rewards children for throwing furniture across the room!


It's your very first day of school, Huw. You were never going to get an A+


Huh? Okay, I've never seen that before. Obviously Helena is a child genius.


No. No no no no no no no! I refuse, Grim Reaper! Vittorio's the best heir spouse I've ever had :( :( :(


I'm with you, Vittorio. This is a TRAVESTY.


Enjoy your cocktail. I'll miss you :(




These kids generally want to torment each other, so I'm surprised to see Huw autonomously playing with his little brother.


The ghosts are always active the night that someone dies. This night, however, Rose and Elizabeth haunt together for the first time...


...and the result is that the entire family is subjected to ghostly tag-teaming. Obviously Elizabeth and Rose are glad to have finally been reunited.


Yep, this is another tag-team effort.


Unaware of all the hauntings going on around the house, Hunter boogies on down to the stereo (which, of course, the ghosts turned on).


Huw's turn to wet himself. You don't have to look so damn proud about it, Rose!


And then it's back to Helena. Luckily, all the wee was scared out of her the first time around, so she doesn't have to head into the shower for a second time.



One final ghostly tag-team to finish off a very active night.


Ignore Harrison's scary nose and just focus on the cuteness that is toddlers playing together.


Excuse me for a moment while I squee.


Helena is not a fan of peace. That'll serve her well once she heads off to university ;)


LTW achieved! And apparently Grace is now part-owner in a hospital. That'll come in handy next time the gardener makes them all sick by leaving piles of rubbish all over the place.


Birthday time again! This time, it's just the younger set of twins growing up, though.


As the older twin, Harrison gets to go first.


That looks promising.


Once again, the freaky toddler face doesn't last beyond toddlerhood. As a child, Harrison still looks quite a lot like a redhead version of Huw, which means he takes after Elise a lot when it comes to facial structure.


And then it's Hunter's turn. He looks like a little troll in this picture. What is it with this generation of toddlers?


Nose status: shrunken! (As an aside, I really like the fact that sims continue to wear their wedding ring once they've been widowed.)


Hunter's totally cute as a child. While the other three siblings are mixes of their mothers, Hunter reminds me of Fyodor. I do like a good throw-back ;)

And, with the scary toddlers safely behind us, we'll leave the Lawsons there for now. Next time: teenagers!
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