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The Lawson Legacy: Generation 8.5


Last time, the generation eight kids entered university and got embroiled in the usual sex and fighting. This time... well, much of the same, really ;) It's a shorter update because it was either that or a HUGE one.


Life in the dorms never changes. Don't look now, Helena, but there's a dormie behind you, asleep in his mac and cheese.


Hunter is still experiencing the kind of ambivalence that can only come of being a romance sim with a family secondary aspiration. This time, it's Timmy whom he wants to get engaged to... and really really doesn't want to get engaged to.


He won't have to worry for long, though, because he's just been spotted by some fresh manmeat.


His name is Wilder Matsumoto and he's okay to look at. More to the point, he's another three-bolter. Hunter is really collecting them by this point. (I shall choose this moment to apologise for the fact that basically EVERY SINGLE ONE of Hunter's love interests has been given freckles. Blame him for having full-face makeup as one of his turn-ons.)


Hunter is more enthusiastic about Wilder than I am.


A Tale Of Two Trenchcoats: Vampire Edition.


Ooh, now here's a more attractive prospect! Hunter met Grayson last update, but nothing came of the meeting beyond a bit of swooning.


They 'only' have two bolts, but Grayson's very interested in Hunter anyway.


Some sims want to be popular and well-loved. Other sims are Huw Lawson.


The coach really has it in for Huw. He has the fit body type, so I have no idea why. Perhaps he just doesn't like Huw's face.


What Huw wants, Helena achieves. It's easy when you spend 90% of your life brawling.


What's with the sudden obsession with reputation? The annoying thing with this is that Hunter already has a good reputation, courtesy of romancing half of Sim State Uni, so there's no point in the want flashing up every five minutes.


I presuming they're swapping fang tips or something. (Perhaps the Count is telling Hunter the secret to stopping his fangs flashing blue a foot beside his head.)


Hunter heads on a date downtown with Jim Larrea, another of his three bolt harem. Unfortunately, the problem with picking a nightclub for a venue is that the lighting is so jolly awful :(


I don't think you need to worry about that just yet, Jim.


Then again, Hunter is employing the number one Sims 2 seduction technique of tickling, so you never know...


Yup. Works every time.


The life of a romance sim: arriving home from a date to find the previous date leaving a gift on your doorstep.


Halfway through university and Hunter is still managing to juggle good marks, rampant dating and not burning to a pile of ash in the sunlight. Not bad.


Meanwhile, Huw has achieved his main goal in life. I'm sure he's very proud.


Another night, another trip to the community lots for Hunter. At least this time he chose somewhere well-lit, so we can finally have a proper look at Jim's face.


While Hunter is chatting up Jim, Wilder walks in. This could be awkward.


Apparently Jim thinks Wilder is hot too. Hunter's harem is starting to get a little complicated, methinks. And is that Grayson arriving in the background? Foursome, anyone?


As it turns out, Jim and Wilder are fiiiine with Hunter snogging and flirting with each of them in turn. I guess that's the key advantage of most of his lovers being romance sims as well.


It doesn't take long for Jim to replace Timmy as the object of Hunter's indecision.


Out on another night, Hunter spots Orlando Kimbrell. I am immediately a fan, because he combines Vittorio's face shape with red hair. It's like the perfect storm of simming! He's another three-bolter as well.


I'm always amused when townies and dormies hook up of their own accord. Clay seems pretty interested too ;)


Yes, Grayson, Hunter is in that changing room. Why do you ask?


Oh. I see. (Please note Jill Midlock in Hunter & Grayson's audience. Once, she was in a love triangle with Elizabeth and Eponine Lawson. Now, she's reduced to watching Hunter notch up yet another public woohoo. How the mighty have fallen!)


I don't think Grayson could look any more smug if he tried.


In case you're wondering what the other Lawsons are up to, this is pretty representative of what happens in the dorm 24-7. I think this is Helena versus Dickson...


...but she and Harrison are still rowing constantly as well.


Meanwhile, Hunter adds Marco Schmidt to his list of conquests. He takes after his grandfather in that regard.


When out and about, Hunter finds himself in a room with three of his main crushes. It seems like the perfect time for him to scope the room and decide for himself which of the three he likes best.


Orlando, huh? Noted.


Hunter proceeds to demonstrate his affection, while Chaz and Grayson watch.


The following night, Hunter invites Orlando over to the dorm for a proper date, meaning that we can get a look at him in good lighting. His genes probably suggest another generation of redheads, but that's his only real fault – and it's not exactly a bad one, given that redheaded sims are my favourites ;)


But wait! Something even more important has come into play! For the very first time, Hunter rolls the want to get engaged to a lover... and doesn't roll a corresponding fear of doing so.


That's about as close to fate as it gets in-game, so Hunter goes down on one knee immediately post-woohoo in the photobooth.


Orlando's a romance sim too, but he looks like he's taking the shiny, diamond bait...


Success! Hunter scores himself a fiancé.


Of course, he's still a romance sim, so his engagement memory is red.


Since when do you get to eat the food, instead of just making it?


The latest in-dorm rivalry is between Huw and Chaz, which is surprising given that they have two bolts. I guess love doesn't conquer everything.


Hunter is happy to kiss it better. What, you thought he'd settle down now that he's engaged? Far from it, my friends.


The 8th gen kids decide to throw a dorm party, but the police turn up not long after the party begins.


It all seemed pretty tame to me, despite the noise complaint. Perhaps it was all the fighting. There's always fighting in this dorm.


Clay's been passed out for quite some time now. I'm not surprised he's starting to get hungry.


I don't think I'll ever understand sims using the couches on community lots for naked woohooing. It seems incredibly unhygienic. Apparently Hunter and Grayson don't care, however.


The life of a romance sim. Those aren't actual break-ups – it's just that Hunter gets a memory of cheating every time he hooks up with anyone who isn't his fiancé... and that happens fairly often ;)


This may well be the first time I've ever seen someone roll the want to be friends with the cow mascot. Usually, they're trying to kill him/her.


You look like you're in an excellent mood, Harrison. Welcome back from class.


Hmmm... what's this?


Nothing major – just Chaz moving onto Hunter's twin brother, now that Hunter spends every daylight hour shut up in a coffin. As long as he keeps it in the family, I'm sure it's fine.


Clay isn't looking so good, however.


HARRISON: Ew! Who left this stinky dead dormie on the front lawn?


I tell him to plead with the reaper as penance for his complete lack of sympathy.


His relationship score with Clay is practically zero, though, so the outcome is rather predictable. Sorry, Clay.


When the new owner of Clay's former dorm room arrives, it turns out to be Wilder. With any other generation, I'd have predicted ~drama~. Hunter's harem is too chill to worry about silly things like cheating, however. If Wilder sees anything going on in the dorm, he'll probably just nod and approve.


It's nearing the end of senior year, which means it's time for the traditional End Of University Engagement Spree. Helena is first to pop the question. Remember Elizabeth? She hasn't been around yet this update, but she and Helena are still in love, and Helena's been wanting to propose for ages, family sim that she is.


THOMAS: You're kneeling in spilled mac and cheese.


Despite the kitchen setting, Elizabeth says yes to becoming the second Elizabeth Lawson of this legacy. She'll never live up to her predecessor.


Harrison is up next. He and Chaz are pretty hot and heavy these days, and (although I messed up with my picture taking) Chaz is quick to say yes.


As the only remaining single Lawson, Huw decides it's time to get to work. He invites over Logan Ramirez, whom he'd met on a previous outing. He and Logan only have one bolt, but given that the only sim he has more chemistry with is engaged to Hunter, Logan it is.


He'd never be married into the main genetic line of the family with that bone structure, but Huw seems to like him.


This is basically every moment of every day in the dorm. The only thing that changes is that sometimes Helena is beating up Harrison instead of Dickson.


On another revolting couch, Huw finally loses his v-card... while a couple of dormies relax in the hot tub that's only metres away.


Why is it that so many of my sims get engaged while wearing underwear or bathing suits? Regardless, Huw pops the question...


...and Logan says yes.


Back at the dorm, Huw launches into yet another fight. Obviously Chaz isn't interested in winning the trifecta of Lawson brothers.


Chaz on the left, Wilder on the right... dorm life is dangerous for Hunter's harem.


I'm not entirely sure when this happened, but it was always inevitable.


With the semester about to draw to a close, Hunter scores another notch in his bedpost, courtesy of Tyrone Reikaite...


...and another again, thanks to Timmy, who had somehow managed not to shag Hunter before now.


He's probably wondering why he ever waited.


And with that, university is over for the 8th Generation of Lawsons. They all manage to pass, and even agree to one final family photo before their graduation party begins. Of course, they didn't agree to pose nicely. That would be taking things too far.

Next Time: A graduation party and weddings galore.
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