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The Lawson Legacy: Generation 9.1


Okay, so the banner says 8.6, but I'm actually calling this 9.1. Why? Because this update was prepared more than 5 years ago and is only being posted now, with a few extra pictures at the end that weren't in the original update. That's because this is the point where I stopped playing Sims 2 and my Lawsons. I'm playing again now, but have decided to leave the Lawsons here, as much as I love them. It wouldn't feel the same after so long.

So have one final Lawson Legacy update. They were excellent Sims.

Last time, the Lawsons finished university, after much brawling and photobooth woohooing. And now for the graduation party...


Hunter is one of the very few sims who don't look ridiculous in the graduation attire. As an aside, that's the first time I've ever noticed the plumbbob on the tassle.



With his Harem and additional friends, Hunter ends up inviting a huge number of guests to his graduation party. These shots are missing some of the guests – he wasn't mean enough to invite just one of his mothers ;)

Some people celebrate their graduation by drinking too much or snogging random people on a dance floor. Hunter, however, has a different idea...



With university over, it would be such a shame if Hunter's harem had nothing to remember him by. And so he gives them the gift of fangs and an allergy to sunlight.


Wilder is the first to be converted.


Tyrone is up next, while Orlando takes selfies in the background and Wilder checks him out. Hashtag harem.


Vampiredom suits Tyler nicely, I think.


Grayson's turn.


Edward's looking rather nervous in the background. As he should be.


Hunter finds Marco in the kitchen...


...and makes himself another vampire friend.


If Edward thought he'd escaped Hunter's notice, he was wrong.


Hunter looks particularly gleeful about this conversion.


It's rather fitting just how many of these conversions happen right in front of the photobooth, given that it tends to be the centre of harem activity in the dorm.


And that's Timmy converted.


Ashley is lucky last.


If you've ever wondered what vampires do at parties, I now have all the answers. They play guitar...








...and they really like to dance.


By the end of the party, much of Hunter's harem has been converted. Jim and the cowboy refused to attend, keeping them safe from conversion, and Hunter decided it would be a bit rude to bite his twin's fiancé. Orlando gets to stay human because baby rearing with both parents vampires seems like it would be hideously hard. Still, that's seven harem members converted – not bad for one party ;)


And apparently a bunch of conversions leads to a successful party. Who'd have thought?


With the party over, it's time for Hunter to leave university behind. He ages with Orlando looking on.


He still looks much the same, save for a change to an outfit more befitting a vampire.

And, with that, the gen 8 kids all head back to the legacy neighbourhood. Normally, this is where I'd end an update, but the picture numbers didn't work out that way. So, instead, we head back to the neighbourhood ourselves, to see how everyone turned out.


Huw is still fuming about some quarrel or another from university.


When he eventually deigns to smile, you can see just how far he's come from his terrifying toddler beginnings.


He marries Logan Ramirez – the only man he's ever dated.


Helena ages into overalls and she looks too cute in them for me to switch her back into her old outfit.


She marries Elizabeth Ng, who then becomes the second Elizabeth Lawson of the legacy. It feels a little blasphemous, somehow.


Harrison is still cute.


He marries Chaz Appleby, the first ever member of Hunter's harem. It's okay, though – the twins happily share everything, just as they shared their mother's womb ;)


Hunter arrives back at the legacy home...


...and is immediately reminded that sun and vampires don't mix.


The house is remodelled to make room for a coffin in the heir bedroom and to add a door from that room into the garage, so Hunter can travel to work without turning to dust.


He retires immediately, to wait out the day.


When the sun goes down and it's safe to arise, he's happy to show off his adult look. Still damn handsome. Of course.


Grace and Elise are still very much in love.


Um, you don't have the house to yourselves any more, guys. It's not only Bones who will be scarred by your sofa shenanigans.


Just after Hunter asks Orlando to move in, the following message pops up. His stats say that he actually is working as a counterfeiter in the Criminal career, so all I can only assume he moonlights.



Due to Hunter's little sun allergy, his wedding to Orlando is scheduled for after sunset. Most of Hunter's harem, along with many family members, turn up for the ceremony. Special mention must go to Huw for deciding that a Santa costume is appropriate wedding attire.


There's nowt about getting married in Hunter's fears list, so we'd better get this thing underway.


They probably should've arranged more chairs for their guests, but usually hardly anyone bothers to watch the ceremony.


And they're married!


No marriage fear aside, Hunter is still very much a romance sim. That was never going to be a green memory.


Hunter's harem is far too pleased by his wedding. You'd think that at least one of his vampire disciples would be jealous.


Of course, the romance and goodwill can't last forever, especially with both Helena and Harrison on the invitation list. It's back to university antics in no time.


Hunter and Orlando have seen plenty of fights to be going on with, so they retire indoors.


This is a legacy, after all, and there's baby-making to be done.


Apparently all it takes for a wedding party to be a hit is a little bit of sex and a whole lot of sibling brawling.


Orlando is cute, and Hunter likes him a lot, but his dearth of neat points makes him stand out in a bad way amongst the rest of the super-neat Lawsons. Hopefully he won't pass his bad manners on to his offspring.


"I'm home and I'm stinky" – the latest hit song by Orlando Lawson.


The trouble with marrying a vampire is that you end up spending a lot of time with your mothers-in-law while your husband is stuck in his coffin during the day.


And then, when the sun sets, and he finally emerges, he heads off downtown on dates with his harem.

Okay, perhaps that's not a vampire thing so much as a Hunter thing.


Chaz may be married to Harrison, but that hasn't erased the three-bolt chemistry he shares with Hunter.


While Hunter was out on his date with Chaz, I noticed that he actually has a crush on the Contessa, which is surprising, given that he is very gay if you check his sexuality stats in ACR. Apparently Grand Vampires don't count.


I finally remember to check Orlando's inventory. As usual, it's a very eclectic selection. I can't decide what I like best – the pair of giant potted palms or the large fish.


It doesn't take long for the ghosts to welcome Orlando to the family. It's rather fitting that Victorio is the first to scare him, given that they share a face template ;)


A job in the Culinary career path comes up, so Orlando switches out of the Criminal track in order to pursue his lifetime aspiration.


Pop! In case you were wondering, the wedding night baby-making attempt was successful.


But what's this?


I just missed the pop, but yep, Hunter's pregnant too. And Chaz is the father. My dastardly scheme is thus revealed: every pregnancy of this generation will involve a different member of Hunter's harem. It just seemed wrong to let them all slip into obscurity.


You just can't get any privacy in this family.


After what seems like a year of looking, Hunter finally finds a job in his career track of choice – Slacker.


Silhouetted pop number two!


Elise has plenty of cooking points and isn't that far away from becoming an elder, but that's no reason to forgo setting the kitchen on fire!

I don't know why you're looking at us, Elise. It's your fault.


Bones spends a good proportion of his day following the skunk around the garden and watching it with great interest.


I'm not sure you should be watching quite so closely, Bones.


Skunk 1, Bones 0.


Pop number two for Hunter – and I this time catch it with perfect timing ;)


Don't take this picture at face value. It might look like Grace set the kitchen on fire and like Elise is an innocent bystander, but that couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, Elise was the one cooking, but she thought it absolutely imperative that she should step away from the oven in order to check out the utensils on the kitchen wall. She's now so busy admiring the damn things that she hasn't even noticed that she's about to burn to death.

Her intellect hasn't improved at all with age.


Meanwhile, Orlando is safe in the living room, looking a little peculiar.


You know what this means: baby time!




And it's the final baby of the Lawson Legacy. Her name is India and she has red hair, light blue eyes and the darkest skin tone. I'm sure she would've grown up to be just as ridiculous and wonderful as all her ancestors.


A bit of sentimentality to finish on: the Lawsons taught me that you could grow super attached to sims, and changed my style of game play forever. Years later, I still have such a deep love for Drusus. He was the best of sims.

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