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Lawson Legacy Resources

This resource list was last updated many years ago, so I apologise for any broken links.


* Default Skins - Eve by Lilith
* Previous Default Skins A Mixed-Up Memory by Jessi and Louis #7
* CAS Face Replacements - Mostly Butterflies and Hurricanes by joedy_76, with a few templates from Nailati, Selzi and Spookymuffin.
* Default eyes - The One Who Said Goodbye by Jessi
* Previous Default eyes - Barcelonista @ MTS2 and Star Sims Bright Default; Helaene Beautiful Stranger
* Default eyebrows - Lilith
* Skin Tones Helaene

* Lilith
* Trapping
* Louis
* Noukiesims2
* Peggy
* Raonjena
* Rose
* XM Sims
* bec @ GOS
* bunheadsbuns
* sanneke94
* snapun

Other Defaults:
* Normal skin for Witches - HP

Makeup etc:

* Makeup - Helaene, Jessi
* Freckles - Helaene, Alkaloid, Jessi or self-made.
* Scars - Normal scars from Helaene. Harry Potter lighting bolt from The Sims Resource.
* Piercings - Helaene or self-made
* Fantasy Contacts - MTS2

* General Hacks - The vast majority of my hacks come from Pescado at More Awesome Than You and TwoJeffs at Simbology. A few others come from


* The Booty - Paysites Must Be Destroyed
* Last updated 29-05-2013
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