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The Divine Legacy: The Founder Years


Long, long ago, I used to play a Sims 2 family called the Lawsons. Life intruded, and I left the Sims for years, only to be lured back recently due to tagging old Dreamwidth entries. It seemed like it wouldn't be quite the same, going back to the Lawsons after all this time, so I made the decision to leave them at the beginning of generation nine and move on to a new legacy.

Welcome to the Divine Legacy.

Before we get started, a few details about how I play. I don't follow the official legacy challenge rules at all. I use a million mods that I have no intention of getting rid of, including one for equal genetics, and I'm sure I do a lot of other things that aren't considered kosher. That said, I do start with an enormous lot and I don't use any money cheats. On the whole, though, I'm more interested in the spirit of the thing: following one family through the generations and seeing what happens genetically in the process.

I decided to make the Divine Legacy a same-sex legacy, just like the Lawsons. I figure there's always plenty of straight content out there without my needing to add to it.

As the name suggests, I'll be naming children after gods, goddesses and possibly other mythological characters. I have a strong historical bias towards Rome and Greece, which will definitely influence the names chosen. This is an alphabetacy, so each generation of kids will have names beginning with the same letter.



Meet Deus Divine. He's a ridiculously cute family sim, who possibly wouldn't be so excited about having a family if he knew exactly what he was getting himself in for.

Attributes: Neat (7)
Shy/Outgoing (5)
Active (6)
Serious (4)
Grouchy (3)

Hair Colour: Red
Eye Colour: Brown
Skin Colour: Medium (T3)

Aspiration: Family
Secondary Aspiration: Knowledge
Lifetime Aspiration: Graduate three children from college
One True Hobby: Not yet discovered
Turn-ons: Good Cook / Good at Cleaning
Turn-off: Facial Hair

Deus means 'god' in Latin.


Like all good legacy founders, Deus moves into a huge lot with a collection of walls and items that can barely be given the title of 'home'. He has walls around his loo and his shower for privacy, though, which is more than some founders get.


DEUS: What the duck is this hovel? You're ducking crazy if you think I'm going to live here!


DEUS: You're having a laugh, right?

Wrong. Suck it up, sunshine; this is your life now. Now go forth and find yourself a man.


He immediately makes it blatantly obvious that he finds socialising tedious. This kind lady came to welcome him to the neighbourhood, but he wasn't having any of it.


She didn't stick around long after discovering that a friendly game of ball isn't quite so friendly with Deus.


The only male townie to walk past Deus's home turned out to be a teenager, so he headed downtown to look for a breeding partner nice man to talk to. Downtown was boring too, though, apparently, and lounging about broodingly held far more interest to Deus than interacting with other people.


Finally someone caught his eye. No bolts, though, so I wasn't having any of it.


He liked this other chap too. Perhaps he's just into singlets, because there were no bolts here either.


DEUS: How dare you make me horny!
SINGLET #2: *blank stare*


Aaaaand he's back to lounging. I'll mark this outing down as "unsuccessful" then, shall I?


Back at home, a neighbour walks by and Deus immediately thinks of marriage. Of course, he's a family sim, so that doesn't necessarily mean anything.


This does, though. Okay, Deus, point taken. Let's take a better look.


His name is Gordon Cho, and he's pretty cute, although the near-invisible eyebrows aren't doing him any favours. He and Deus have two bolts, but I'd like to hold out for a three-bolter if possible. Still, at least Deus likes someone?


Because Deus has a family-related LTW, I could choose any career I liked for him. Instead of going for the best paying job, I decided to go for something that seemed fitting for a Family (Knowledge) Sim, and Medicine was the best career path with a free position on the first day. He's doing okay, though, and received his first promotion quite quickly. That bonus money will come in very handy.


First vampire spotting of the legacy! Deus thought he was kinda cute, but I disagreed, so Mr. Vampire is in the friend zone.


Another cute walk-by, while Deus was busy complaining that he didn't get to sleep on the job. As a paramedic. Nice care ethic there, Deus.


Evil Pong immediately started poking and annoying Deus, which was the beginning of a beautiful terrible relationship.

Oh, and his name? Good Pong comes later. #spoiler


DEUS: I hate you but damn you're hot.

This is while you're still single.


I sent Deus back downtown and had him scope the room for potential talent. He immediately zoomed in on Nolan Dennis.


He has completely different genetics to Deus, which I'm down with, but that nose is a big worry in full profile and I can see it taking ten generations to breed back out.


With that in mind, I have him check on the people outside, and he spots this fellow. His name is Pong McGaw, which is a Maxis name if I've ever seen one, commonly known as Good Pong in these parts. Pong has good genetics too, and a prettier face than Nolan, so I subtly push Deus his way.


My game starts to lag terribly, and it's all down to these two both choosing to appear at once. One at a time, please, fellows. Sims 2 hates Windows 10 enough as it is.


Oh hey, it's Elizabeth Lawson! Yes, I am a dork who is still too attached to long-dead legacy members, and I popped my three favourites into this neighbourhood. I think Elizabeth is super pretty in Maxis Match mode.


And here's Fiyero Lawson, spotted on a trip downtown.


Deus is extremely pretty terribly excited about getting to go out all the time. Can't you see the joy in his expression?


He scores some extra cash from networking, though, so I don't know what he's so annoyed about.


Guess who's here: Evil Pong.


Deus can be pretty evil too, when roused.


Otherwise, he's a bit of a kitten.


Final Lawson spotting! Hi, Drusus.

Fun fact: I associated this outfit and hair so much with Drusus that I let him keep them, even though they're don't go with the general aesthetic of this MM hood.


Deus heads out on a date with Gordon.

GORDON: What do you think about Maxis Fugs?
DEUS: I'm an equal opportunity kisser.

This, Deus, is why you need my guidance. You're a Alphabetacy Founder, not an Uglacy Founder.


ACR kicked in and they headed into the hot tub. I cancelled the action, but the entire date ended up being just sitting in the hot tub anyway.


Their goodbye peck was enough to reveal a crush on each other, though, so that was something at least?


I'm sure Deus is absolutely devastated that you've stolen the invisible newspaper he rarely reads.


Another promotion.


Given that the date with Gordon was a bit of a wash out, Deus decides to try dating Good Pong instead. They have two bolts as well, and got flirty very quickly.


Mostly, they just wanted to "classical dance" together.


They did a bit of smooching too, though.

It wasn't a dream date (largely because I refused to let them dine together) but it went pretty well I thought. At least, until the date ended and Deus spotted Gordon across the room…


…and greeted him with a big kiss, with Good Pong still hovering in the background.

Okay, Deus, your preference has been noted.


DEUS: We're just good friends!


"Good friends" classical dance like this, do they?


Unaware that he's been usurped as leading spouse-option, Good Pong leaves Deus a gambling table to thank him for the date. Deus needs to earn money, not spend it, so the table is sold immediately.

It's the thought that counts.


Deus isn't getting any younger, so he invites Gordon over for another date. The two men quickly fall in love this time, with no hot tub to thwart their romance.


Apparently getting blokes to fall in love with you gives you a good reputation.



Deus and Gordon make it very evident how they'd like to spend their second date.


Feeling a little tired, are we?


Oh, I see. Have at it, boys.


They had at it.


Shortly afterwards, Good Pong calls to ask Deus out on another date. Given that he's still on a date with Gordon, Deus says no.

He's not a romance sim, after all.


Gordon is a family sim too, so it's completely unsurprising that they both roll the want to get engaged to each other the moment they finish shagging.

Who am I to say no to true love? Just as long as it's with someone reasonably attractive.


A nice wolf pops by to celebrate the occasion.


Gordon moves in and I immediately regret Deus's choice.

You're freaking kidding me, Gordon. Don't you understand that the key duty of a founder spouse is to bring in enough money to build a decent home?

He's lucky Deus likes him so much.


They get married immediately, in the low-key fashion of a thousand other legacy founders.


…I think the ring goes under the glove, Deus.

He's only a secondary knowledge sim, I guess.


Married! Now get started on baby making, boys. You don't have enough aspiration points to drink green goop forever.


Although Gordon brought absolutely no money to the union, Deus has made enough from his job for the newlyweds to get a proper house, if not actually a decent one. There are still no wall or floor coverings, and all of the furnishings are cheap and horrible, but Deus will no longer risk being hailed on while he sleeps. There's room for a baby, too, hint hint.


A walls-down shot to show off just how ugly everything is.


Gordon is in the criminal career track and, although he didn't have any savings, he's at least earning a reasonable wage.


He's also super cute once he has visible eyebrows and a more flattering haircut!

Attributes: Neat (6)
Shy (3)
Active (6)
Serious (4)
Nice (6)

Hair Colour: Red
Eye Colour: Grey
Skin Colour: Dark (T4)

Aspiration: Family
Secondary Aspiration: Fortune
Lifetime Aspiration: Reach golden anniversary
One True Hobby: Tinkering
Turn-ons: Cologne & black hair
Turn-off: Athletic


It starts to snow, so Deus invites a friendly doggo inside. The doggo immediately starts destroying the furniture and leaves in a huff when told not to.

So much for kindness, huh?


Pop! Yes, Gordon is officially knocked up, as of the couple's wedding day. He was deemed child bearer as punishment for only bringing in $6.


First pingu of the legacy!


Deus gets himself another promotion, just in time to buy baby supplies with his bonus. Thanks, Deus!


Second pop!


What's wrong, Gordon? Dinner disagreed with you?


DEUS: Oh, is that all? Phew! I thought he might be having a baby!


GORDON: *goes into labour*


DEUS: I had no idea that babies were made that way.

You're a doctor, Deus. I fear for your patients.


Next time: a baby! Who'd'a thought it?

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