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The Divine Legacy: A.1

A1 banner.png

In the first Divine Legacy update, we saw Deus Divine struggle to gather enough enthusiasm to find himself a husband, although he was a dab hand at lounging about in public places. He eventually decided to settle down with a fellow family sim, Gordon, and the update ended with the typical legacy cliffhanger of Gordon going into labour.

And now… a baby!

A1 001.png

Meet Apollo Lawson. He looks like every other Sims baby, so all we know so far is that he has Deus's medium skin tone, Gordon's grey eye colour and both fathers' red hair. The last one was a given, really.

A1 002.png

Deus is absolutely thrilled to be a father.

A1 003.png

Actually, he's pretty excited about it, so I don't know what that foul look was all about. He goes straight over to meet his new son.

A1 004.png

Family sims will family sim, so Deus and Gordon get right on the task of making a sibling for Apollo.

A1 005.png

See how Gordon is standing off to the side here, like an innocent bystander watching a fire? Yeah, he's not so innocent. First fire of the legacy honour is 100% his.

A1 006.png

Deus gets a promotion and looks about as pleased with that as he does with most things.

A1 007.png

He's a good father, though, and takes care of Apollo with no prompting required.

A1 008.png

Gordon gets his pre-baby body back. Generally I couldn't care less about Sim fitness, but Gordon needs to stay buff for his criminal career track. You can't outrun the police if you get puffed just getting off the couch!

A1 009.png

I finally got around to checking Gordon's inventory. I hadn't expected much, given that he only brought $6 with him to the legacy, but the inventory has some useful things, and gives a good insight into just why he was so broke. Gambling's always bad for your bank balance, but gambling enough to own your own casino setup? It's amazing he was even $6 in the black.

A1 010.png

Gordon's secondary aspiration is fortune and he'd been wanting a car for some time, so I bought him an old bomb as soon as finances would allow it. Selling the poker table helped a lot and made it much less likely he'd stake the new car on a dodgy hand in the future.

A1 011.png

The first generation of a legacy can't really afford to be a single salary family, so there was no choice but to hire a nanny.

Fingers tightly crossed that she doesn't suck!

A1 012.png

She doesn't get off to a good start. This is a bad picture to show that she doesn't turn up until 40 minutes after Gordon is due at work. It's lucky he wanted that car, because it let him get to work after missing his lift.

A1 013.png

Luckily, she's actually pretty decent, apart from her initial time management issue. Her name is Teresa Howard and she does a good job of keeping the house clean and the children fed, even if she does have a bad habit of waking toddlers up in order to put them to bed.

A1 014.png

DEUS: I'm home and I'm stinky!

A1 015.png

It's time for Apollo to become more interesting!

A1 016.png

He explodes in a rainbow of fireworks…

A1 017.png

…and turns into an extremely formal toddler. He has Deus's elf ears, though, so hurrah!

Neat (7)
Outgoing (10)
Active (6)
Playful (9)
Grouchy (1)

Oh dear. Those stats don't auger well for the sanity of his simgod. At least he's cute?

A1 018.png

Hardened criminal makes potty training face.

A1 019.png

Pop! Yes, Deus is the one who's pregnant this time, as he earns a lot less as a doctor than his husband does as a crim. It's a very difficult pregnancy, which I wasn't expecting given that Gordon sailed through his. This picture was taken not long after he passed out on the floor beside his bed.

A1 020.png

With a second child on the way, the shack o' legacy is extended to allow for a dedicated nursery.

A1 021.png

It's no surprise that Deus is a master at bored potty training expressions.

A1 022.png

His lack of nice points doesn't show too often, but god help you if you expect him to do repairs around the house, despite his mad mechanical skillz.

A1 023.png

How tragic the life of a toddler is!

Okay, I'll give Apollo some tragic points for the fact that his teeth seem to be sticking right through his chin, here.

A1 024.png

Second pop!

A1 025.png

The first of many home invasions by hobby sims inviting various family members to secret lots. The Divines are too busy just surviving at the moment to spend much time worrying about hobbies. (Of course, this doesn't stop Deus and Gordon rolling wants to enter cooking competitions with their two whole cooking points.)

A1 026.png

There's finally enough money in the family kitty for me to build the bones at least of the long term legacy house. As you can see from the windows, though, there's still a long way to go before it can be classed as attractive.

A1 027.png

Deus and Gordon still find each other super attractive, though. And look! They finally have wall coverings!

A1 028.png

Peek-a-boo is seriously cute, especially when it's autonomous peek-a-boo.

A1 029.png

Uh-oh, looks like it's baby time.

A1 030.png

GORDON: Isn't childbirth such a wondrous thing?

A1 031.png


A1 032.png

It's another boy! Meet Ares Divine. He has grey eyes, red hair and the dark skin tone, just like Gordon. No gene mixing here, alas :(

A1 033.png

Gordon's pretty excited anyway. (Then again, it's him the baby looks like.)

A1 035.png

Soon afterwards, it's time for Apollo to become a child.

A1 036.png

He has a sudden growth spurt and swaps his bear suit for a pair of bear pyjamas.

A1 037.png

He's still very serious looking, but otherwise pretty cute.

A1 038.png

Deus gets another promotion.

A1 039.png

And so does Gordon. Why exactly a counterfeiter has a set wage and doesn't just bring home infinite money, I don't know.

A1 040.png

See this face? This face is because Apollo is headed off to his first day of school wearing bathers and a ducky floatation ring. He aged into the outfit as his everyday wear and it was too hilarious for me to switch it out.

I'd worry about him getting bullied, but he's the one with only one nice point.

A1 041.png

Ducky ring and all, he stars in the school play and brings in some useful cash.

A1 042.png

Remember what I said about Apollo's stats? Yeah. He is an absolute pain as a child. His fun bar plummets when he is at school or doing homework or basically anything that isn't superfun. Fun usually involves stuff like jumping on beds, which kills his energy bar as well. I don't know how his drama teacher got him to sit still for long enough to learn his school play lines.

A1 043.png

It's Ares's turn to become a toddler. The ducky ring is excited.

A1 044.png

Gordon and Ares are less excited.

A1 045.png

He's super cute! And he aged into the bear suit as pyjamas, just like his big brother. He already looks just like Gordon, which is the biggest black mark against him when it comes to the heir Olympics. I really don't want to lose so much of Deus in the very first generation. The elf ears in particular would be a huge loss.

A1 046.png

This is the exact moment that I realised I added a back door to the house and didn't install a second burglar alarm beside it.

A1 047.png

He went in the front door, thank Jove. He also seems to be a little hard of hearing, given that the burglar alarm is blaring right beside him and he's still plotting nefarious deeds.

So much for honour between thieves. He does realise that Gordon's in the same line of work as him, doesn't he?

A1 048.png

The alarm brings this cute police officer with an improbable hair style, and rouses Apollo from his bed. Apollo does not approve of these shenanigans.

A1 049.png

Deus's first response to things is usually anger or intense boredom, but he finds the attempted robbery really upsetting, poor dear.

A1 050.png

It's probably because he's a hormonal mess.

That's right, he's pregnant again, and this is the only time in three pregnancies that either he or Gordon was morning sick.

A1 051.png

Soon after, the pregnancy is confirmed with a POP.

A1 052.png

I remember that Deus needs to have his founder portrait painted, and luckily the criminal career means that Gordon is high on creativity points.

A1 052a.png

He does a good job :)

A1 053.png

Second pop! I caught the baby dust this time.

A1 054.png

And then we're straight on to our first outdoor birth of the legacy. (Apollo is hard work. There aren't many photos of this period because I was busy trying not to let him expire from lack of fun.)

A1 055.png

Lion King moment, complete with gorgeous skies.

A1 056.png

It's a third boy! His name is Adonis, and he has the same genetics as Apollo: grey eyes, medium skin and red hair.

A1 057.png

I'm pretty sure this was Deus attempting to teach Ares a nursery rhyme (and failing), but it’s included here solely because Deus looks so damn cute.

A1 058.png

First A+ of the legacy goes to Apollo!

A1 059.png

It's time for Ares to become a child.

A1 060.png

He's super happy with the outcome. So am I—he's cute!

A1 061.png

A1 062.png

The story of how you lost your virginity to each other is not an appropriate topic for breakfast with your small children, guys.

A1 063.png

Apollo and Ares love pretending they're criminals, just like their daddy.

(Ares aged into normal clothes, BTW. He's just in pyjamas here.)

A1 064.png

I have no idea why Deus is so scared about this. He hasn't so much as looked at another man since marrying Gordon… unless he's been up to something at work that he hasn't told me about.

A1 065.png

Appropriately dressed for bathtub playtime.

A1 066.png

Time for Adonis to become a toddler (and a little more interesting)!

A1 067.png

It's a flying baby!

A1 068.png

He looks a lot like Apollo did—just less formally dressed.

A1 069.png

Apollo is god of fishing! That bass is almost as big as he is.

A1 070.png

Ares is such a lovely kid. This is him autonomously deciding to play with Adonis. I can only remember one other sim kid doing that, and it was Flavius Lawson.

A1 071.png

We don't say no to extra money.

A1 072.png

Still angry about the robber. They all are. Imagine what they'd be like if he'd actually stolen anything

A1 073.png

I'm pretty sure you know Gordon through your shared criminal career, so I guess we can work out where that ~discount~ is coming from.

A1 074.png

Aw, playing the prince in Simerella is becoming a family tradition. I wonder who did it better: Ares or Apollo. (And I pity the family and friends who had to watch the same school play twice.)

A1 075.png

Another promotion for Gordon—he's a smuggler now, and no longer has to dress like a cartoon criminal.

A1 076.png

Apollo brings home this kid from school. I can see why they're friends. Co-founders of the Inappropriate Swimwear Club, presumably.

A1 077.png

Deus got a promotion too, but I accidentally closed the box before I could record it.

A1 078.png

It's time to say goodbye to the ducky ring :( Will Apollo be cute? Will his lifetime aspiration rule him out as heir?

All will be revealed next update.
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