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The Divine Legacy: A.2

A2 00.png

Last update, Deus and Gordon Divine had three children, got a few promotions and… well... not a lot else, really. Having simkids and looking after them is hard work, especially when one of those kids is Apollo Divine. It's okay, though—he's about to become a teenager!

A2 01.png

Take one last look at the ducky ring, because it's about to be discarded in favour of college scholarships and first kisses.

DEUS: Please don't let him grow up ugly!

I'm with you there, Deus. Problem child or not, I always have a huge soft spot for my first-born kids.

A2 02.png

He's kinda cute and has an interesting face, so Deus and I are both very relieved.

Aspiration: Pleasure
Secondary Aspiration: Family
Lifetime Aspiration: Reach Golden Anniversary
One True Hobby: Games
Turn-ons: Bathers, Brown Hair
Turn-off: Great Cook

This was the point where I realised I shouldn't have chosen the secondary aspiration until after the LTW was decided. Two of the pleasure LTWs are horrible, though (the 50 dates ones—I find dates excruciatingly boring most of the time), so I'm not exactly sad that Apollo scored an easy family LTW.

I said all along that Apollo should be a pleasure sim with his stats, so I was pleased to roll it. Family makes sense as the secondary, because, even with his sole nice point, he's always been a great big brother to Ares and gets on well with his fathers too. He's not mean to Adonis—they just don't really hang out.

A2 03.png

With Apollo's birthday out of the way, Ares is free to join the A+ club.

A2 04.png

And Adonis learns to walk! He's the only toddler this generation with that achievement. Usually they just get sat in front of the rabbit and told to work on their charisma, but Adonis needed an aspiration boost before his birthday, so he gets to be the only mobile A-gen toddler.

A2 05.png

Becoming a teenager doesn't mean that Apollo has to act more maturely. Playing in the bathtub is still his easy fun boost of choice.

A2 06.png

Now that's he's learnt to walk and gotten his aspiration bar back into the platinum zone it's Adonis's turn to become a child. This time it's Apollo's turn to worry about a fug in the family.

A2 07.png

ADONIS: Oh wow! Arms!

Yeah, you had those before, kid.

A2 08.png

He's a cutie. He looks quite a lot like Apollo, due to the colouring and nose shape, but he has a longer face, I think.

A2 09.png

APOLLO: Congratulations on that time you passed out on the floor beside the bed when you were pregnant with Ares!

DEUS: Thanks! *plusplusplus*

They're not knowledge sims, okay?

A2 10.png

Just as Apollo's teenage hormones begin to turn his want bar into a cavalcade of dating and kissing desires, he decides to bring home this petulant looking chap from school. His name is Brandon Tomyoy, and with that hair colour, he fits into the family aesthetic rather nicely.

A2 11.png

He and Apollo are into each other, as well! They only have the one bolt, but that's more than enough when you're a teenager looking for action.

A2 12.png

They crush on each other very quickly, fuelled, perhaps, by the toxic fumes emanating from the plate in the background.

A2 13.png

Score! For a sim with only the one nice point, Apollo was surprisingly adept at getting his first kiss.

A2 14.png

Deus gets promoted again. I'm beginning to think that he's incapable of feeling job-related pleasure.

A2 15.png

Apollo is much more manageable as a teenager than he was as a child. He actually rolls wants to do his homework, and he does so without his fun bar dropping straight down into red.

A2 16.png

Adonis finally reaches the A+ zone. It took a while, thanks to a weekend, followed by two snow days.

A2 17.png

This is the point where I realised that Adonis had zero relationship with Apollo. He and Ares hang out a lot, and Ares and Apollo have been besties for ages, but Adonis and Apollo? Nada.

It's not that they've never interacted, so I guess they don't have much in common to talk about.

A2 18.png

Speaking of besties, it's time for Ares to join Apollo in the world of teens.

A2 19.png

And he's still the best-looking of the three kids!

Neat (7)
Shy (2)
Active (6)
Serious/Playful (5)
Nice (6)

Aspiration: Family
Secondary Aspiration: Popularity
Lifetime Aspiration: Become Education Minister
One True Hobby: Tinkering
Turn-ons: Fat, Hard Worker
Turn-off: Underwear

(I realised I forgot to give the stats for Ares and Adonis last update. As you can see from them, he's not remotely like the actual Ares, but that's probably a good thing. There's not a lot of war in the sims, unless dormie fights count.)

A2 20.png

Autonomous tucking-in of children is the best.

A2 21.png

I send the teens downtown to see if they can find Ares a boyfriend, but it's Apollo who spots someone to his tastes.

A2 22.png

Ooh, he's super cute! Nice pick, Apollo, even if you're supposed to have a boyfriend already.

A2 23.png

First spotting of the good witch. I'd have been more excited if the witches didn't come with such ridiculous lag.

A2 24.png

CUTE SALES BOY: Do you usually wear your pyjamas to the shops in the daytime?

APOLLO: …Should I not?

A2 25.png

Uh-oh, it looks like Brandon is watching you chat up the sales boy, Apollo. Abort! Abort!

(Brandon's actually a romance sim, so he probably doesn't even care.)

A2 26.png

Meanwhile, the only action Ares is getting is sobbing action, after this grown woman is mean to him. She should be ashamed of herself, picking on a kid.

A2 27.png

He does, however, meet Evil Pong. They get along better than Pong does with Ares's father.

A2 28.png

As Ares is not great at finding love on his own, he calls up the matchmaker.

A2 29.png

The Divines are still cash-broke, even if their house is slowly getting nicer, so Ares can only offer an amount of money the matchmaker deems a pittance.

She sends him a boy with the same taste in clothes, though, so perhaps it'll be okay!

A2 30.png

Yeah, not so much. They have negative chemistry.

A2 31.png

No surprise at all that it's far from a dream date. Ares's lips remain as untouched as the virgin snow.

A2 32.png

Speaking of snow, there are a lot of evil snowmen popping up all over the place, thanks to one-nice-point-Apollo.

A2 33.png

Gordon falls asleep on his feet for some reason. He was probably up painting to all hours, instead of going to bed. It happens a lot.

A2 34.png

With the matchmaker a bust, Ares and Apollo head back into town: Ares on a love quest and Apollo as his wingman.

A2 35.png

This Medieval LARPer looks promising, although the baseball cap is a little anachronistic. By this point, Ares can't afford to be too picky, and his one true hobby is tinkering, not cosplay, so it's a flaw he can overlook.

A2 36.png

Unfortunately, knightboy isn't as quick to overlook noogies as Ares is to overlook historically inaccurate hats.

A2 37.png

Meanwhile, Apollo rolls the want to freestyle for tips. He has a grand total of zero creativity points, so I'm a little worried, but they actually like him! He even makes some cash!

A2 38.png

Is there a convention in town or something? Oh well, Victorian boy is pretty cute, so Apollo greets him in case Ares is interested. Alas, he's not.

A2 39.png

I see where Ares learned his bad habits. Knock that hat off while you're at it, will you, Apollo?

A2 40.png

The brothers are generally happier just hanging out with each other anyway.

BTW, I love that Ares still looks younger than Apollo, even now they're both teens.

A2 41.png

Apollo was desperate for another date with Brandon, so he invites him over.

A2 42.png

They fall in love. Awww.

Right after this, a teenaged neighbour walks past, so wingman Apollo greets him and sends him in the direction of Ares.

A2 43.png

Um, Ares? You're not meant to say you're desperate to find someone willing to date you. It's considered bad form.

A2 44.png

ARES: But he's so dreamy!

Luckily, Victor LeTorneau thinks Ares is pretty dreamy as well. Two bolts! And with that name and that unfeasibly long hair, he's gotta be cool.

A2 45.png

Meanwhile, inside the legacy house, Apollo's secondary aspiration is hard at work and he rolls the want to go steady with Brandon.

A2 46.png

APOLLO: I choo choo choose you!

Brandon agrees, but under duress. Romance sim, remember? He doesn't get the Simpsons reference either.

A2 47.png

Victor stays for a meal with the family and we finally get to see what's under all that hair. Not sure about those lips, but otherwise he's fine.

A2 48.png

Autonomous tucking in, take two. Both Deus and Gordon are great dads.

A2 49.png

Ares has six nice points instead of one, and therefore makes much friendlier snowmen than Apollo does.

A2 50.png

Another promotion, another complete lack of excitement. Never change, Deus. Never change.

A2 51.png

Ares finally scores his first kiss! And he gets in a moob-grope while he's at it!

A2 52.png

Meet Cerberus. I was waiting to add him to the family in the expectation that one of the kids would roll the want to adopt a dog. All they cared about was womrat cages, though, so here's Cerberus regardless. He's a golden retriever, because if I can't have one in my flat, I can at least have one in my game.


A2 53.png

Deus finally reaches the top of the medicine career track, and ends his promotion journey just as he started it: grumpy-faced and not at all impressed. ♥ ♥ ♥

A2 54.png

Adonis decides to grow older to celebrate!

A2 55.png

ADONIS: My wish is to become so handsome and interesting that I'll actually be in the running for heir!

Yeah, sorry kid. I feel super guilty that you've been neglected, but you're up against Apollo's personality and Ares's looks. It was never going to be easy to stand out.

A2 56.png

He's cute! But he's still not very exciting :/

Neat (6)
Shy/Outgoing (5)
Active (6)
Serious (4)
Nice (10)

Aspiration: Fortune
Secondary Aspiration: Popularity
Lifetime Aspiration: Earn $100,000
One True Hobby: Tinkering
Turn-ons: Cologne, Makeup
Turn-off: Fitness

As you can see, his stats are very mid-line, apart from his niceness, which is why he's a bit boring. He doesn't really have any strong personality discernable. He's a good kid, but that's about it? And fortune sims are my least favourite, which pretty much dooms him to the spare house.

Sorry, Adonis :(

A2 57.png

Cerberus is way too classy to bite the postman. He's a golden and goldens love everyone, even people who deliver the mail.

A2 58.png

Alas, Adonis breaks the family tradition of starring in the school play. His interests run more along culinary lines.

A2 59.png

Random Cerberus Is Adorable photo.

A2 60.png

With Adonis aged up, it's time for all three boys to go to university. Kids take so long that the youngest ones often miss out on the teenage milestones with me.

As eldest, Apollo's the first to leave.

A2 61.png

Ares is next.

A2 62.png

And finally, Adonis, who only got to be a teenager for a couple of simdays.

Next update, we'll see how they turn out as young adults… and declare an heir!
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