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The Divine Legacy: A.3

A3 00.png

In the last update A-Generation boys Apollo, Ares and Adonis made it through their teens (rather quickly, in Adonis's case) and headed off to university.

A3 01.png

With all his children out of the house, finally, Deus looks genuinely happy for about the third time in his life.

Yeah, don't get too excited, Deus. The heir will be back before you know it, and then you'll have a house full of babies again.

A3 02.png

Speaking of the heir, it isn't Adonis. You all knew that, though. I'm fond of him, but he just didn't bring anything to the legacy party that I couldn't already find in Apollo or Ares.

A3 03.png

Ares isn't heir either. He's easily the most traditionally good-looking of the kids, and his shyness is super endearing, but there's very little of Deus in him, and I didn't want the founder genes to disappear straight away. And also?

A3 04.png

I kinda love Apollo a tonne, even if he's bloody hard work a lot of the time. He's not as good-looking as his brother, but I find his appearance very appealing. He's a character, too, which is why he's hard work. I think he was always going to be heir, tbh.

A3 05.png

Once the Divine boys pick their dorm rooms, the rest of the dormies start to arrive. This is Cliff Faulkner. He's important. Note it down.

A3 06.png

Ares and Adonis set about proving that being old enough for university doesn't necessarily mean you're irredeemably mature. It's a bit hard to see in this picture, but Adonis aged into a cowboy shirt and freaking chaps. There's no way in hell I was going to change that. Ares aged into a crop top, which seemed pretty subtle in comparison.

A3 07.png

Have another I really like Apollo's face picture. As you can see, he shares his father's enthusiasm for life.

A3 08.png

Pleasure sim Apollo was constantly rolling the want to buy a bubble blower, so I eventually gave in. I regretted it almost immediately. It's funny when it's the dormies dying from starvation because they've been too busy getting high, but when it's your heir and spares throwing their lives away on bubbles, the joke gets a little stale.

The blower was on the lawn for about 24 sim hours before I gave up and stuck it in Apollo's bag of holding. Unfortunately, he's too stupid to realise it's in there, so he's back to rolling the want to buy another.

A3 09.png

One of the "cheats" I do in my game is aging up teen sims on occasion, once their partner or bestie goes to uni. If the game's happy to have the mechanism built in with the child to teen stage, then I see no reason why I can't work a little DIY magic when it comes to teen to young adult.

Which is all a wordy preamble to me saying that Apollo invited his high school steady boyfriend Brandon to the dorm, with nefarious purposes in mind. For some reason, Brandon wanted to bring this random criminal. Insert jail bait joke here, I guess.

A3 10.png

Brandon doesn't age up very well. He's just the backup plan, though, so it's fine. We don't marry one-bolters into the legacy unless we absolutely have to.

A3 11.png

Especially one-bolters who are romance sims and desperate to carve notches into bedposts other than the heir's.

A3 12.png

APOLLO: So, we've been best friends for a long time now. I'd be interested in taking things further, if you're up for it.

A3 13.png

He's a romance sim, Apollo. Of course he's up for it. You just became notch number one.

(Don't feel sorry for him. He is quite capable of carving his own notches, as will be discovered.)

A3 14.png

Brandon will be more than just a backup plan if Apollo doesn't get out there and meet some hotter more compatible men, so he heads to one of the communal uni lots. This handsome barista catches his eye. His name is Robert London, and he's the cause of me having to find a phone mod so that he'd show up on the contact list. I know being a barista doesn't pay brilliantly, but I'm pretty sure most of them still have phones.

A3 15.png

Brandon is out and about as well, and has managed to join the secret society already!

A3 16.png

With the first semester over, I probably should say who's studying what.

I decided that Apollo should pursue the gaming career, given that gaming is his One True Hobby and it also goes well with him being a pleasure sim. To this end, he's majoring in Physics. Luckily, he already has most of the skills he'll need.

Ares's made his own career choice, as his LTW is to reach the top of the education degree. He's studying biology to make that easier. Not that it'll ever happen, given that he's a spare.

Adonis doesn't have a career related LTW, but he's a fortune sim, so he's majoring in Economics. Not much brain power needed for that choice.

A3 17.png

Uni life is being forced to share your space with men in llama costumes and feeling disconcerted because you actually find the llama kinda hot.

(One bolt only, thank goodness. Marrying in a cheerleader worked out well with the Lawsons, but I feel like a mascot is a step too far.)

A3 18.png

APOLLO: *is dead inside*

A3 19.png

The mean coach makes both Apollo and Adonis work out, even though they're not overweight at all. Apollo blocks her path so that she's stuck in the dorm. That's called karma, coach meanie. Body shaming is bad.

A3 20.png

Dormies gonna dormie.

I think this guy's name is Abraham, or something similarly presidential. It's lucky he doesn't have the Abe Lincoln beard, because it'd be full of food right now.

A3 21.png

For the first time in his life, Apollo actually deigns to heartfart over someone. His response to men he finds attractive (two-bolters included) is usually to just shrug and say "meh". I would say that he had high standards, but he's actually willing to get physical with all those men he shrugs at, so it's the opposite, really. Meh, But I'll Shag You Anyway: The Apollo Divine Story.

If they made it into a musical, I'd happily go see it.

A3 22.png

Adonis does not like the cheerleader. He does, however, like writing in his diary in the middle of the dorm, apparently.

A3 23.png

This is Peter Avery. He's one of the many MEH guys, but he's a two-bolter, so Apollo is happy to date him anyway.

A3 24.png

This is Apollo's reaction when told to do anything mean or sexual.

A3 25.png

This, on the other hand, is Apollo's reaction when told to do something nice. Poor thing. It sucks when you have to charm your date before making out with them.

A3 26.png

ADONIS: *boasting* I have five best friends!

A3 27.png

I mean, he's not lying, but I'm not sure that being best friends with your fathers, your brothers, and a small child is anything to boast about.

A3 28.png

One of the dormies disappeared for some reason, so this chap moved in. His name is Ammon Whitley, and he and Adonis immediately bonded over their ability to play chess for hours on end, ignoring all other needs.

A3 29.png

Meanwhile, remember Cliff? He and Ares discovered a mutual love of collared crop tops and each other.

A3 30.png

Adonis and Ammon also fall for each other. Chess is a great matchmaker, apparently.

A3 31.png

And our heir? Well, he's setting fire to shit and toasting marshmallows. He's happy, even if he is no closer to finding a bloke to settle down with.

A3 32.png

Adonis finally gets his first kiss. (If you remember, his simgod was very negligent of his teenage needs, and sent him off to uni before he had a chance to experience hormone-driven life.)

A3 33.png

He may have been a neglected teen, but he's really super cute. I love all three of the A boys, basically. I just love Apollo the most.

A3 34.png

Speaking of which, he cheats at chess, which is probably a capital offence in this family.

A3 35.png

Here's a better picture of Ammon, and the first shot of the boys' new dorm.

There's a story behind this. I'd just had them move into one of the standard game six-roomers, which was raised up on foundations. (Jolly annoying to play, as well. I hate homes of more than one story, because I can't keep an eye on everything happening at once.) After Apollo had a dream date with Peter, people in the dorm started waving their hands and whining all over the place, complaining that they couldn't get into a hot tub that the dorm didn't have.

Except it did have one, as I found out after a quick google. Peter had tried to deliver it as a post-date present and, as it didn't fit on the narrow dorm porch, it ended up being invisible somewhere on the lot, raised up to foundation height, so it wasn't just a case of burninating it with the stuck item remover. I hated that dorm anyway, and had hated it all the way through the Lawson Legacy, so I took this as a sign that I should build a new one from scratch. The result is basically Dream Dorm, complete with decent furniture, a visible hot tub, a pool, and musical instruments. The A gen boys and their dormie housemates should be very grateful to Peter for his buggy post-date gift.

A3 36.png

This is Edmund, the first of the new dormies. I really like his face, but Apollo thinks he's disgusting, so we won't be getting his black hair and pale skin in the legacy any time soon.

A3 37.png

This is Hector Matthews, who is actually pretty cute if you can block out the Snape hair and ugly outfit. He also has a perfect name to join the Legacy! Alas, he only has a single bolt with Apollo, which earns him an emphatic MEH.

A3 38.png

HECTOR: You're super hot!

APOLLO: Tell me something I don't know.

A3 39.png

Apollo refused to entertain the idea of marrying Hector the Perfectly Named, and decided upon another date with Peter instead.

Peter (another romance sim SIGH. boy does Apollo love the romance sims) rolled the want to lose it to him.

A3 40.png

The prospect of a shag was extremely exciting to both of them, as can be clearly seen upon their faces.

A3 41.png

And they say it's women who conflate sex and love.

A3 42.png

PETER: Hehehehe I totes did it.

APOLLO: *has been rendered unconscious*

A3 43.png

Apollo, despite appearances at times, is not a romance sim, so immediately rolls the want to get engaged to Peter.

A3 44.png

Peter, however, is having none of that.

A3 45.png

With Peter sent on his way, thoroughly de-virginised, Apollo invites Robert over for a date. Yep, on the same night. He's classy like that.

Then again, Robert turns up in his barista uniform, so who's he to quibble on matters of class?

A3 46.png

Although, at least he doesn't roll the want to get engaged to one lover while on a date with someone else.

A3 47.png

To be fair, that man just dropped off a super expensive DJ booth as a thank you to Apollo for taking his V-card. When Apollo was a baby, his home didn't even have floors. Can you blame him if vast financial gestures turn him on?

A3 48.png

This is Dominic Ayers, and he also turns Apollo on. He's the third dormie that moved into the spare rooms in Dream DormTM and he has two bolts of chemistry with Apollo. He's also really attractive in a 90's teen show kind of way.

A3 49.png

He's Apollo's third date for the evening.

Remember, Apollo isn't a romance sim, even if most of the men he dates are.

A3 50.png

He's not the only Divine getting romantic, however. Ares and Cliff are still hot and heavy, in a shy and rather adorable kind of way.

A3 51.png

Um, Adonis, I don't think Ares has come to bed intending to share it with you

A3 52.png

A quick brother banishment later, Ares and Cliff are finally alone.

A3 53.png

The inevitable occurs.

A3 54.png

Here's another picture of Cliff. His red hair disqualified him as an option for Apollo, but he likes Ares much better anyway, so it all worked out nicely.

A3 55.png

Dominic on the other hand has eyes only for Apollo. At least for the moment. He's part of the Apollo Divine harem of romance sims.

A3 56.png

Well, that's one place to lose your virginity, I guess.

A3 57.png

Apollo wants to do the impossible and get engaged to two sims (Robert and Peter) at once. He also wants to become BFF with Dominic and go on a fifth first date.

In other words, he has no freaking idea who he's going to marry, but is having a helluva lot of fun finding out.

A3 58.png

Ares, however, has no such confusion. Ever since Cliff moved into the Doomed Dorm, he's had eyes for no one else. By the second semester of the boys' sophomore year, he knows that Cliff's The One. So there's only one thing to do about it…

A3 59.png

He takes Cliff out for dinner, which a much bigger occasion in mind.

Will Cliff say yes to Ares's proposal? Will Apollo find a non-meh man to settle down with? Will Adonis stop trying to climb into bed with his brothers when they're about to do the deed?

All will be revealed next update.
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