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The Divine Legacy: A.4

A4 00.png

Last time, Apollo, Ares and Adonis began their university career. Ares and Adonis each met a nice boy to fall in love with, and Apollo met several nice men to be blasé about. We left them on the Cliff-hanger (heh) of Ares taking his boyfriend out to dinner with the intention of proposing.

A4 01.png

Ares probably doesn't need to worry too much about being rejected, because Cliff wants to get engaged as well.

A4 02.png

He pops the question, while strangers get stoned on bubbles in the background.

A4 03.png

Cliff says yes! And can we get an awww for how cute Ares's expression is?

A4 04.png

The happy couple show off Cliff's engagement ring and their matching cropped collared shirts.

A4 05.png

With Apollo in love with four men and not seeming particularly enthusiastic about any of them, I decide to get them all in the same room together, so he could make a damn choice. To this end, he throws a dorm party.

Neither this lady nor Cerberus are in the running to be the future heirspouse, but he invites them anyway.

A4 06.png

Peter and Robert are in the running, however. And that criminal there? He's the guy who robbed the Divine home when Apollo was a kid. Some weird shit went down in my game and by the time the Divines stopped being mad at the burglar, they'd somehow come close to maxing out their friendship bars with him. It would've been a cool story if he'd had three bolts with Apollo, but alas, it was not to be.

A4 07.png

The verdict is in! Put in a room with Dominic, Robert and Peter, Apollo gives a very big MEH to the latter two guys and decides that Dominic is the least meh-worthy of the lot.

A4 08.png

Moments later, Deus turns up, pissed off that he hasn't been invited to the party, but the family dog has.

Actually, no, that's a complete lie. Apparently Apollo's been spying on his dad through the telescope out front. A very bad idea, given his parents penchant for getting frisky.

A4 09.png

OMG Apollo actually heartfarts over Dominic. He really must have moved Dominic to the non-meh basket.

A4 10.png

Adonis's love life is going well too. Hot tubs are good for snuggles…

A4 11.png

…And for losing your virginity in, apparently. Hey, if it worked for Dominic…

A4 12.png

A4 13.png

These boys really do like to equate sex with settling down. At least it's mutual.

A4 14.png

I'm not about to stand in the way of true love, so Adonis goes down on one knee in the middle of the dorm.

APOLLO: Guys, I am trying to get to the dining room.

A4 15.png

ADONIS: *pops the question*

APOLLO: *goes into an emotional decline because he has to wait 30 seconds to get some food*

A4 16.png

Engaged! They're both very happy, and I'm sure Apollo will be happy for them as well, just as soon as he gets something to eat.

A4 17.png

Here's a better picture of Ammon. The hair sits a bit strangely, but it suits him well enough, so it might as well stay.

A4 18.png

Apollo's been spying again, it seems. You'd think he'd have better things to do with his life, with four boyfriends on the go.

A4 19.png

Better things, like proposing to Dominic.

He'd been rolling the want for some time, and had stopped wanting to get engaged to Peter or Robert, so it seemed like he'd made up his mind. He invited Dominic on a date to a nice park, so that he could pop the question in an attractive outdoor setting… and then it got dark and there were no lights outside, so he goes down on one knee inside this room instead.

A4 20.png

APOLLO: Wanna be the head of my harem?

A4 21.png

He does wanna.

Well, as much as any romance sim does.

A4 22.png

Apollo invites his parents over to the dorm to meet his brand new fiancé. On arriving, however, they head straight out to the hot tub to find out just why it's the prime local shagging spot.

See that white in the background? Yeah, that's snow. It's the middle of winter. Gordon manages to freeze his butt half off in the process of getting laid.

A4 23.png

Finally, Deus and Gordon deign to come inside and meet Dominic. It goes well.

A4 24.png

Well, that is, if you ignore the fact that Gordon looks like a zombie.

A4 25.png

Apparently it's catching. That bloody hot tub is more addictive than the bubble blower.

A4 26.png

Apollo doesn't see any reason why being engaged should cramp his style. He's been desperate to have a fifth first date for ages, so I let him have one with Hector, but only allow him to do things like "friendly hug" and "admire"—so basically just the stuff that Adonis does to random strangers he meets on the street.

A4 27.png

Finally, uni ends. Apollo graduates with the top honours, and the other two graduate with the lesser honours. Amazing they found time to attend classes with all the hot tubbing going on.

A4 28.png

The graduation cap flatters no one.

A4 29.png

Graduation smustle parties are great fun, though. The kid in the apron is the one Apollo had the hots for as a teenager. They're still friends, but it's creepier now.

A4 30.png

And with the party over, it's time for Apollo to age into a medieval outfit and head back to the legacy home. But first…

A4 31.png

Here's Ares as a non-young adult. He aged into the same outfit that Gordon wears, which will undoubtedly be confusing given that they're facially quite similar as well and have exactly the same genetics.

A4 32.png

He marries Cliff, who no longer dresses in crop tops, but still favours a collar on his t-shirt.

A4 33.png

In the few moments between Cliff moving in and Ares marrying him, Cliff tries to set his fiancé up with another man. Because of course he does.

A4 34.png

In the last semester of university, Adonis spent an awful lot of time in the hot tub with Edmund, the cute dormie who was very briefly mentioned last update.

A4 35.png

When it came time to settle down, though, it's still Ammon he's in love with. They get married and resign themselves to the boring life of being spares.

A4 36.png

Not so for Apollo. After a quick change of outfit, our heir returns to his childhood home.

A4 37.png

He's thrilled at the prospect of spending the rest of his life changing nappies and being followed about by toddlers.

A4 38.png

He asks Dominic to move in, and Dominic does so in a swirl of rainbow sparkles.

A4 39.png

He's still cute as an adult, as long as you ignore the patchiness of his hair mesh.

Attributes: Sloppy (2)
Outgoing (8)
Lazy (2)
Playful (6)
Nice (7)

Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Green
Skin Colour: Medium (s3)

Aspiration: Romance
Secondary Aspiration: Grilled Cheese
Lifetime Aspiration: Become Hall of Famer
One True Hobby: Arts & Crafts
Turn-ons: Custom Hair, Good at Cleaning
Turn-off: Full Face Makeup

A4 40.png

The two lovebirds quickly set about the task of bringing a new generation into being.

A4 41.png

Okay, so I like Dominic. I do. He's pretty to look at and he's really very forgiving when it comes to the fact that Apollo's in love with four other men. But the guy has two neat points and it's killing me. He'd better not pass this crap on to his kids.

A4 42.png

With all three boys graduating well from college, Deus fulfils his lifetime want and goes permaplat. He rolls the new LTW of becoming an ecological guru.

A4 43.png

Speaking of greenies, Dominic is knocked up and hurling in (and around) the toilet every five minutes.

A4 44.png

With Dominic about to pop, it's past time that he and Apollo get married. I figure that nothing's going to go wrong at a wedding party, so allow Apollo to invite three of the four non--fiancé men he's in love with: Robert, Hector and Peter. Oh, and the teenager he thinks is hot.

A4 45.png

He also invites his brothers, a random woman he met somewhere and a small child he's been friends with since primary school.

A4 46.png

Everyone gets on like a house on fire. Given Deus's penchant for age inappropriate conversation, the little girl is probably learning a lot.

A4 47.png

Gordon gets home just in time for the wedding, and he has some good news of his own—he's reached the top of the criminal career track.

A4 48.png

With both parents now present, it's time for Apollo to get married. He's thinking of Dominic. That's a good sign, right?

A4 49.png

They exchange rings, but everyone's thinking about Adonis for some reason, instead of the guys standing in front of them getting married.

A4 50.png

The deed is done.

A4 51.png

They seal the deal, and Apollo's fathers clap wildly in their matching suits.

A4 52.png

Then, while romance sim Dominic wonders what on earth he's done, Apollo walks right on over to wolf whistle at Peter.

Luckily, Dominic is too pregnant and exhausted to notice. He just ditches the rest of the party and heads inside to go to bed.

A4 53.png

And then this happens.

Apparently it is too much to expect Apollo to keep it in his bloody pants for five minutes while his pregnant husband gets some sleep. He spends the rest of the party engaged in various types of infidelity with Robert and Peter, and probably Hector as well.

That little kid is going to have one helluva tale for tomorrow's show-and-tell.

A4 54.png

This is the face of a man who is not even remotely ashamed of himself.

A4 56.png

The secret of a hosting a roof-raising wedding party, it seems, is cheating on your brand new husband with three other men.

A4 55.png

Apollo wanted to buy a better car, so I indulged him. He paid for it with his uni grants, so who am I to tell him how to spend his money?

A4 57.png

Oh, hello there Evil Pong. Just came over for a pleasant chat, did you?

A4 58.png

Evil Pong disapproves of pregnancy pops.

A4 59.png

At the wedding party, Peter hooked Apollo up with a high level slacker job. While he's waiting for a gaming job to open, he's racking up promotions in this lesser career.

A4 60.png

Yeah, I'd get used to that if I were you, Deus. Apollo and Dominic are slaves to ACR. If they're not forced to do something more useful, they'll just flirt and kiss and shag all day.

A4 61.png

Second pop!

A4 62.png

Another promotion for Apollo. He's just as enthusiastic about career success as Deus is.

A4 63.png

An opening finally comes up in the gamer career track, so he ditches his new promotion and becomes a guild leader instead.

A4 64.png

DOMINIC: Hello? Can I get some help over here?

APOLLO: Dear Diary,
I think my husband is in labour.
Pancakes for breakfast today. Omnomnomnom.

A4 65.png

Poor Apollo. His brother's proposal got in the way of his dinner, and now he can't even write his diary in peace because his husband is having a baby right where he wanted to sit.

Will the first B-Gen baby be yet another red-headed boy? Will Apollo stop cheating on his husband? Will Deus ever get over catching his son shagging on the living room couch?

I guess we'll find out next update.
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