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The Divine Legacy: B.1

B1 00.png

In the last update, Ares, Adonis and Apollo all left university and got married—although Apollo showed a distinct lack of understanding of monogamy. When we left our esteemed heir, he was busy being annoyed by the fact that his husband was about to have a baby.

B1 01.png

Eventually he worked out how to look appropriately concerned for his beloved…

B1 02.png

…Just in time for the first member of the B Generation to be born! Her name is Bellona, and she has Dominic's genetics: brown hair, green eyes and a medium (s3) skin tone. We have our first girl of the legacy! And our first non-redhead! Nice going, Bellona.

B1 03.png

Everyone's pretty excited about the new arrival.

B1 04.png

Not so excited that they bother to leave her somewhere she's unlikely to be stepped on, however.

B1 05.png

Okay, so at this point, I got sick of never knowing if a sim had an s2 or an s3 skin tone, and was also feeling frustrated with the fact that three out of the four skin choices in the default set I was using were basically different shades of white. I do really like these skins, however, so I decided to learn how to default skins myself. Many hours and several different trials later, I ended up with a new set of defaults, with Deus and Apollo's old skin tone becoming the new s2 skin, and a new, darker skin being added as the s3. This is how Deus looks now.

B1 06.png

And this is what Apollo looks like. Neither of them look enthused, but this is Deus and Apollo we're talking about here. I think they both look very nice.

B1 07.png

The Divines aren't as terrible at looking after children as the floor shot would have you believe. Generally, they're good at autonomously tending to Bellona's needs.

B1 08.png

Which is good, because it's Apollo's turn to be pregnant.

B1 09.png

And, not long after, it's time for Bellona to become a toddler, so she can free up the cot for the new sibling that's on its way.

B1 10.png

BELLONA: Look how silly daddy's face looks!

B1 11.png

…not sure you can talk, kid.

Bellona Lawson
Neat (10)
Shy (2)
Active (10)
Playful (10)
Grouchy (1)

Wow, those are some extreme stats right there. Is she destined to be as much of a trial as a child as her father was?

B1 12.png

Her sole nice point isn't in evidence where Cerberus is concerned, at least. Doggy cuddles are the greatest.

B1 13.png

GORDON: So, son, what do you plan to do with your degree?

B1 14.png

APOLLO: I thought I'd just give you a bunch of grandchildren, to be honest.

Hey, Gordon's a family sim. You just said exactly what he wanted to hear.

B1 15.png

Second pop! I love it when I catch the planetary rings.

B1 16.png

We have our requisite outdoor labour for this generation. It's worth pointing out that Apollo is standing right in front of a bar and that yes, he was pouring himself a drink right before going into labour. Anything to dull the pain, I guess.

B1 17.png

It's a boy!

B1 18.png

His name is Bacchus (so perhaps the drinking was appropriate) and he also has Dominic's genetics: brown hair, green eyes, and the new medium skin tone.

B1 19.png

While Apollo is busy having babies, Dominic is busy getting promoted. I think he's caught unimpressed face from his in-laws.

B1 20.png

Gasp! Has Deus walked in on his son and son-in-law shagging on the couch again?

B1 21.png

No, he's just getting old :(

B1 22.png

He's a real silver fox, though, so will allow a half-smile. Hey, from Deus, that's like a normal person's enormous grin.

B1 23.png

Ares pops around to visit and to confuse everyone by looking so much like Gordon whilst wearing the same damn outfit.

B1 24.png

He's a great uncle, autonomously spending time with both of the kids.

B1 25.png

Gordon's still the best artist in the house, so he sets about painting his second portrait.

B1 26.png

Once he's finished, his painting of Apollo is hung in the hall, right beside the founder portrait of Deus.

B1 27.png

Meanwhile, the subject of the painting has terrible morning sickness and is running to the toilet every few minutes.

B1 28.png

In between, however, he finds to rock out in the dining room while everyone else eats their breakfast.

B1 29.png

Apollo's actually an excellent father. All of those years of feeling decidedly MEH about everything have been cast aside in order for him to feel genuinely excited about spending time with his children. He interacts with them autonomously all the time. The urge to be a good parent is even stronger than the power of ACR!

B1 30.png

Deus and Dominic aren't quite as fond of each other as Apollo is of his children. Here, they're arguing about whether the fall in fuel prices due to Coronavirus makes up for the possibility that they might be quarantined inside their home with a growing horde of small children.

B1 31.png

Pop! And, yes, Apollo's on the booze while pregnant again. Bacchus turned out fine, though, so I'm sure it's okay.

B1 32.png

It's Bellona's birthday and Apollo is uncharacteristically joyous! (I think we can probably credit the backyard bar with that.)

B1 33.png

She wishes for her weird toddler face to be replaced by something a little less jagged.

B1 34.png

Not bad. She's a bit short-chinned and long-necked, but overall she's a cutie.

B1 35.png

It's Bacchus's birthday as well.

B1 36.png

He ages into a Hawaiian shirt and an explosion of confetti.

B1 37.png

He's not very happy about it, either. He really must be a Divine.

Bacchus Divine

Neat (7)
Shy (2)
Lazy (2)
Playful (10)
Nice (7)

He also has Deus and Apollo's elf ears, unlike Bellona, which is a big point in his favour as a potential heir.

B1 38.png

What's up, Gordon? Grossed out that you're standing right in the middle of a big pool of dog piss?

B1 39.png

Nope, he's actually just getting old.

At least he'll be easier to tell apart from Ares now!

B1 40.png

Apollo's bored potty-training face is almost indistinguishable from his normal resting bitchface.

B1 41.png

If you thought that being a grown adult with two kids and another on the way would mean that Apollo is now Very Mature, you'd be wrong.

I didn't know that adults could still play in the bathtub until Apollo came along.

B1 42.png

His immaturity means that he's always happy to play with his kids, though, so that's kinda nice.

B1 43.png

Dominic receives another promotion and is slowly working his way toward his lifetime want.

B1 44.png

Speaking of lifetime wants, Gordon achieves his and goes permaplat. He and Deus are both seniors now, so they throw a 60th anniversary party.

B1 45.png

It's a motley collection of guests. Bellona brought the blond boy home, but the other children are friends with Gordon. Best not to ask how or why.

B1 46.png

Second pop for the third pregnancy!

B1 47.png

This action is one of many things that I find cute in the sims, but would probably be annoyed by in real life: Deus talking to the baby inside his son's belly.

B1 48.png

Hey, Bellona, your solitary nice point is showing.

B1 49.png

She didn't inherit the elf ears from her father, but she did inherit this.

B1 50.png

APOLLO: *goes into labour*
DOMINIC: *fumes because they were about to shag and now he's been cockblocked by a baby*

I guess this is payback for the time when he was in labour and all Apollo cared about was writing in his damn diary.

B1 51.png

Ooh, it's a second girl, and we finally have a genetic mix! Her name is Bastet, and she has Dominic's brown hair, Apollo's grey eyes, and both fathers' medium skin tone.

B1 52.png

Bellona is full of energy, but she's actually not nearly as much hard work as her father. I think her being shy is the thing that makes all the difference; she's a lot happier to sit down and quietly do her homework than Apollo ever was.

B1 53.png

Dominic continues to work his way up the athletic ladder.

B1 54.png

Puppy cuddles are big in this household (as they should be).

B1 55.png

It's time for Bacchus to learn how to walk and talk!

B1 56.png

He seems pretty chuffed with the sweater & scarf combo he ages into.

B1 57.png

Aw, he's a cute kid and he looks much happier than he did as a toddler!

B1 58.png

With his final pregnancy over, Apollo heads back to work, and makes it to the top of the gamer career track. He now gets a fun Tron-like uniform to wear.

B1 59.png

Pop! Hey, I said Apollo's final pregnancy, not the final pregnancy of this generation. It's just that it's Dominic's turn again.

B1 60.png

Pleasure Sim Apollo often acts a lot more like a Fortune Sim, as demonstrated by his constant rolling of the "buy a helicopter" want. The giant legacy block finally came in useful. Helicopter pads are large.

No one has ever used the helicopter, mind you, so I'm pretty sure they just bought it so they could show off to their neighbours.

B1 61.png

It's Bastet's turn to become a toddler and Gordon is acting like the Family Sim he is by wondering whether the imminent lack of babies means it's time for him to adopt another child.

Gordon, you're about 75 at this point. I think it's time to get used to the idea that you won't be having any more kids.

B1 62.png

Aw, she looks cute!

B1 63.png

…Okay, maybe not so much. What is it with the kids of this generation and their weird toddler faces? At least they grow out of them when they hit childhood!

Bastet Divine
Sloppy (2)
Outgoing (7)
Lazy (2)
Playful (8)
Nice (7)

Sorry, Bastet, but your sloppy attribute rules you out as heir when you have both a sister and a brother capable of cleaning up after themselves.

B1 64.png

Apollo is still a long way off achieving his lifetime want of making it to his 60th anniversary with Dominic, but he goes permaplat thanks to maxing out his lifetime aspiration benefits card.

Probably a good thing, really. He's been surprisingly faithful to Dominic ever since the end of his super cheaty wedding party, but there's always the chance he'll revert to his harem ways and cause a divorce.

B1 65.png

Meanwhile, he's still a really good dad, even with the kid with insufficient neat points.

B1 66.png

Joyful pop!

B1 67.png

First A+ report card of Generation B!

B1 68.png

And here comes the final baby (provided that risky woohoo doesn't do me a dirty).

B1 69.png

It's a third girl, but the exciting part is that she has Deus's brown eyes! I love me a genetic throwback! Her name is Bat (named for the Egyptian goddess, not the adorable flying animal) and she also has Apollo's red hair and both parents' medium skin tone.

B1 70.png

Bacchus joins the A+ club.

B1 71.png

This family loves gaming, whether it happens via console, computer, or good old fashioned chess board.

B1 72.png

Another promotion for Dominic now that he's done with being pregnant.

B1 73.png

And it's time for three birthdays on the one day! Bellona, Bastet and Bat are all about to age up…

…but you're going to have to wait until the next update to find out what they look like once it happens.

Will Bellona roll a terrible LTW? Will Bastet lose her creepy toddler face? Will Bat gain a creepy toddler face? Find out next time we visit the Divine family.
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