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The Divine Legacy: B.2

B2 00.png

Last time we saw the Divine family, they were on the brink of a triple birthday bonanza.

B2 01.png

Bat is first batter up. (Sorry.) Grandpa Deus does the duties.

B2 02.png

You can't tell, but there's a matching set of elf ears under that red bob.

B2 03.png

She's still a bit angular, but less so than her siblings.

Bat Divine

Neat (7)
Outgoing (10)
Lazy (2)
Playful (9)
Nice (6)

Her personality is less extreme than Bellona's, but the important thing is that she has enough neat points to keep her in the running for heir.

B2 04.png

Speaking of Bellona, she's about to become a teenager. Stay cute, Bellona!

B2 05.png

Yup, that'll do it. She looks a lot like a female version of Apollo, but with her other father's colouring.

Aspiration: Fortune
Secondary Aspiration: Knowledge
Lifetime Aspiration: Become a City Planner
One True Hobby: Games
Turn-ons: Grey Hair and Creative
Turn-off: Custom Hair

Fortune sims are my least favourite (well, apart from grilled cheese), but having knowledge as her secondary aspiration makes all the difference with Bellona. She actually rolls wants to do things more interesting than just buying stuff all the time.

Also, she's pretty. Still in the running for heir.

B2 06.png

Finally, it's Bastet's turn to grow up. What is it with children and their obsession with arms?

B2 07.png

Once the terrible Maxis hair is dispensed with, she's a cutie who looks like a solid mix of both her dads. Still only the two neat points, though.

B2 08.png

Gaming time with grandpa ♥

B2 09.png

Look, nicely done and all, Bellona, but I do worry a little about the school system in simland if it's an achievement for a high school student to be able to spell the name of the local unit of currency.

B2 10.png

Gordon sets fire to the joint again, but this time he actually deals with it himself, thanks to rolling the want to learn fire management after the last time he attempted to burn down the house.

B2 11.png

Another promotion for Dominic.

A lot of my pictures got messed up this update, so I apologise for that. My screen capping program was lagging and I didn't realise until I went to edit pics and found a lot of terrible shots, like this one, which was MEANT to include Dominic, but actually had only a few pixels left of him as he walked off screen.

B2 12.png

Attention! Attention! There is a penguin in the house!

(Please note the book on the floor, right beside the bloody bookcase. Yeah, this is why your two neat points suck, Bastet.)

B2 13.png

APOLLO: …And then my new husband went to bed because he was pregnant, so I had to make out with my boyfriends instead.


Meanwhile, Deus and Gordon are too busy slow dancing in the snow to care about the ongoing corruption of the neighbourhood youth.

B2 14.png

Promoted again! You can tell Dominic isn't a Divine by blood because he looks happy on occasion.

B2 15.png

Bellona gets promoted as well. As a fortune sim, she wanted to start earning money while still in school, and as a knowledge sim, she wanted to become an overachiever. The Divines certainly aren't struggling for money any more (I mean, they have their own helicopter) but the job will look good on her resume.

(I didn't change her hair, by the way. The Maxis style is part of her work uniform for some reason.)

B2 16.png

The downside of the promotion is that now she goes to work dressed like this.

B2 17.png

When she's not at work, she's a great big sister to her siblings. She's particularly close to Bat, autonomously playing with her and snuggling her whenever Bat escapes from the usual toddler drudgery of skilling on the charisma rabbit.

At this point, my game started crashing every time I reached a particular point in time. Eventually, I traced the issue to a mod I'd been using for pretty much my entire time playing the game (which obviously doesn't play well with Ultimate Edition). Unfortunately, fixing the error didn't stop the event that had been triggering it.

B2 18.png

Sadly, it was already time to say goodbye to the founder of the Divine legacy.

Deus, you were a fantastic founder, with your love for Gordon and your family and your apathy towards pretty much everything else. You'll be missed.

B2 19.png

Dominic, you didn't even like him much. Stop being such a hypocrite.

B2 20.png

Apollo confirmed as favourite child and Ares as least favourite. Poor Ares—and he's the one who bothers to visit!

B2 21.png

For now, Deus's tombstone is placed in the back yard. I should probably build a mausoleum now that there's a use for it :(

B2 22.png

Imagine owing your cousin a favour for them picking you up from the airport or something equally mundane and them expecting you to repay it by promoting one of your employees, whether they deserved it or not.

Note to Dominic's boss: ask someone else to pick you up next time.

B2 23.png

Bellona reaches the top of the teen version of the entertainment track, and finally gets to get rid of the llama costume.

B2 24.png

Not before she celebrates Bacchus's birthday, however!

B2 25.png

With the weird thing that's happening with his mouth here, I assume he's wishing to turn into a teenage vampire.

B2 26.png

Nope! He's very cute, though! He looks a lot like Dominic would have at his age.

Aspiration: Romance
Secondary Aspiration: Pleasure
Lifetime Aspiration: Have 20 Simultaneous Lovers
One True Hobby: Film and Literature
Turn-ons: Jewellery and Black Hair
Turn-off: Hard Worker

Unfortunately, being cute isn't enough to make up for that terrible lifetime aspiration. We're officially down to Bellona and Bat in the battle to be the Generation B heir.

B2 27.png

Speaking of Bat, it's her birthday as well!

B2 28.png

Ahh, she's such a cutie and takes after her grandfather so much.

B2 29.png

Important first duty as a child is playing cops and robbers with her big sister.

B2 30.png

So that’s why she keeps rolling the want to buy a drumkit.

B2 31.png

Another promotion for Dominic and a snow storm to welcome him home.

B2 32.png

Another terrible picture, sorry, but Gordon finally retires from his long and lucrative life of crime.

B2 33.png

BAT: Did you ever want to travel, Daddy?

B2 34.png

DOMINIC: I wanted a lot of things, Bat. And then I had four kids.

B2 35.png

:( Vale, Gordon. Thanks for being such an excellent founder spouse. You get to be with Deus again now.

That's not just Bacchus's posture, by the way. He's been fat since he was a kid. Like his namesake, he enjoys his pleasures.

B2 36.png

Once again, Apollo is the favourite, while Ares comes last. Poor Ares.

B2 37.png

Gordon's tombstone is placed outside beside Deus's.

B2 38.png

Apollo finds out the sad news when he gets home from work. He so rarely shows emotion; I wish that this time it wasn't due to grief.

B2 39.png

Life goes on, however, and Bastet joins the A+ club with a bad photo to commemorate it.

B2 40.png

Bat quickly follows in her footsteps.

B2 41.png

I spotted Bacchus outside by the bar and worried that he was already embarking upon a life of alcoholism.

Turns out, I needn't have been concerned.

B2 42.png

It's birthday time again! Dominic is excited! Apollo is… Apollo.

B2 43.png

BASTET: I wish to be so stunningly beautiful that my two neat points become insignificant in comparison!

B2 44.png

Sorry, Bastet. You're very pretty, but you'd basically need to be the hottest sim ever to make up for that.

Aspiration: Fortune
Secondary Aspiration: Romance
Lifetime Aspiration: Become Hand of Poseidon
One True Hobby: Nature
Turn-ons: Hard Worker and Mechanical
Turn-off: Grey Hair

B2 45.png

The helicopter is finally put to use!

Unfortunately, it was only because Dominic and Apollo wanted to shag in it.

B2 46.png

Bat confirmed as most popular child with the extended family, given that they never paid any of the other kids cold hard cash for getting an A+.

B2 47.png

Dominic reaches the top of the Athletic career track and goes permaplat as a result. He now only works three days a week. Nice work if you can get it.

B2 48.png

The only time that Apollo looks consistently happy is when he arrives home from his own job.

B2 49.png

Welcome back, Deus!

B2 50.png

Aw, and Gordon as well. I love it when couples haunt together.

B2 51.png

Bellona is first to be frightened, but it's okay. She's part knowledge sim, remember. She rather enjoyed it.

B2 52.png

Apollo and Dominic aren't at risk of a nasty scare because they're too busy having a water balloon fight outside at 1am.

Apparently Apollo's immaturity is contagious.

B2 53.png

Poor Bat is less pleased by the night of haunting. Deus gets her first, and she wets herself, and then when she finally gets back to sleep, Gordon takes his turn.

B2 54.png

With three teenagers in the family now, it's time to do important teen things like buy mobile phones and go trolling for potential dates.

The Divines arrive at the grocers just in time to spot this cute girl, but she disappears before they can persuade her to provide one of the girls with their first kiss.

B2 55.png

It doesn't matter, though, because Bellona's spotted another victim prospect. She may look a lot like her father, but she's a lot less picky when it comes to romance.

B2 56.png

Bastet's seen someone she likes as well—one of the shop assistants.

B2 57.png



FIYERO LAWSON: Stay 1.5 metres away from me at all times!

(Yeah, somehow Fiyero sprouted temporary dreadlocks due to me cleaning up my hair folder.)

B2 58.png


FIYERO: Does no one here understand the concept of social distancing?!

B2 59.png

Bacchus has seen a boy he doesn't want to distance himself from. Is that who I think it is?

B2 60.png

Yep, it's Blazej Bachman, aka the boy his own father found hot as a teenager. He also attended the infamous wedding party that amazingly didn't end Apollo and Dominic's marriage as quickly as it started.

B2 61.png

Bellona's object of interest is Amanda Couderc, who would probably look a lot better without the Maxis hair and makeup.

BELLONA: Who's looking at her face?

B2 62.png

Bellona spots another girl she finds attractive. She really is better at this than her father was.

B2 63.png

No need to worry about Apollo, though. With the kids all growing up and largely independent now, he's gone back to his carefree life of non-stop flirting, snogging and sex. All with Dominic, mind you. At least they keep themselves occupied now that there's no more need for career skilling or feeding a horde of kids.

B2 64.png

Bellona, Amanda is there because she's on a date with you. She has no need to call you, because you're right there.

B2 65.png

Shy sims are so cute when they flirt.

B2 66.png

Bellona gave Amanda a makeover, and she's still a bit weird looking without the Maxis makeup. I think it's just the standard s1 face, though, so she'll grow into her looks.

B2 67.png

Bellona thinks she looks just fine as she is. First kiss achieved!

B2 68.png

There is no point to this picture other than the fact that Cerberus is a cutie and particularly so when he's nomming his feet.

B2 69.png

Bacchus also lines up a date—with Blazej, who hopefully won't share any wedding gossip with Dominic.

B2 70.png

He scores his first kiss as well.

B2 71.png

With all the important rites of teenagerdom achieved, Bellona heads off to university, so that I can focus on the younger kids for a while. She heads there with at least five scholarships to her name: definitely worthy of her overachiever title.

B2 72.png

Bacchus joins her at uni. He isn't quite so accomplished, but as a romance sim, it's not as though he cares.

Next time: Bat becomes a teenager. Will she stay cute and continue to vie with Bellona for the heirship, or will puberty hit her like a tonne of bricks?
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